Mobile Apps for the Techie Mom


Moms on the go, working moms, stay at home moms, techie moms – these favorite mobile apps may just make your life a little easier. We’ve shared a great list of mobile apps that help save money. These help save time, sanity, and memory on your phone. Download and try them out today. Share in the comments below if they help or if you have others that you just can’t live without!

Mobile Apps for the Techie Mom by RGV Moms Blog


The list is at home, and you are at the store. You buy way too much and completely forget the most important grocery. Or you send the hubby to get everything and forget to tell him that baby is on his last diaper.

Enter Wunderlist. This app is amazing. Create lists. Share the list with anyone. The list syncs instantly when you add or check off items. Assign deadlines. Assign items to specific people.

While this has so many uses, my favorite is literally just sharing the grocery list with my husband. We add to it throughout the week and check things off as soon as they’re in the shopping cart. Voila! I love efficiency.

Pros: Simple, easy to use, shareable, syncs instantly, email or text the list to anyone, easy to print (with checkboxes!), clear function – lists.

Cons: There is a pro version ($), but the free version is definitely functional enough!


Have you ever been cooking more than one thing at the same time and need to keep track of each cook time without burning anything? The timer is a 9 for the chicken. The rice takes 20, so when the timer is up, I’ll just reset it for 11 and we’ll be golden. But when it’s at 4, I’ll start steaming the broccoli.

This little gem, Multitimer, can have anywhere from 1 to 12 times counting down for you (with labels) at the same time. In the words of Tony the Tiger, “It’s grrrrrreat!”

Pros: Simple, color coded, customizable titles, display on full screen or tile all running timers at once, alarm for each timer, overtime feature when you pass zero.

Cons: Timers only count down, although they could be used to count up with “overtime”.

Stitcher Radio

Long drives in the car, waits in the pickup line, commutes to work, nap times when I want to multitask – these are all perfect times to tune in to something audible such as a favorite podcast or radio station. Stitcher streams radio shows and podcasts so unlike the podcast app they don’t eat up the memory on your phone. Plus, I utilize the favorites playlist option so it’s easy to tune in to any missed episodes of my favorite podcasts.

Pros: Free, streams radio and podcasts, no phone storage issues, favorites channels, makes recommendations based on what you like.

Cons: Spotty service means spotty streaming.

RGV Moms Blog

Get your daily dose of blog posts, event updates, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, all in one place with our mobile app. Quick links to our favorite guides are handy and it’s a great way to stay connected.

Pros: Free, local (made by us!), relevant guides for the season for quick reference, event reminders, all in one place.

Cons: We can’t think of any! 😉


You’re about to snap a photo on my phone. Pause. Delete a few photos, then resume until the memory fills up yet again on the phone. A big culprit is text messages with photos and videos. Who doesn’t love receiving and sending those?

The truth is they eat up lots of memory and there’s an alternative way to share full albums at a time – Dropbox. The phone app has easy browsing, flipping, full screen views of your photos, and sharing it is really easy, too. The recipient of your share then even has the option of downloading the photos if they so choose.

I pay an annual fee to have a great deal of storage, but Dropbox accounts start with a decent number of gigs and then you can get even more free storage by referring friends to also use Dropbox, even if just the free service.

Pros: Syncs to phone, easy sharing, free option with lots of memory, syncs to computer, share individual files or whole folders at a time.

Cons: If you want more than the free storage amount there is a fee.


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