Dear HBO, Take Care of our Sesame Street Friends.


Sesame Street on HBO

You may or may not have heard: Sesame Street will be airing all-new episodes on HBO in January. These episodes will air again on PBS nine months later.

Dear HBO,

As you could probably imagine, HBO doesn’t really scream children’s programming. While I may enjoy your shows, I’ve never really considered it a place for my child to go for her allotted TV time. So, I say these words with kindness, as one mom to your network empire.

Sesame Street is somewhat sacred in this mom’s world. These furry monsters and fun characters visit my home every day. Elmo is our peace-keeper. Elmo is our friend. Elmo stops the tantrums from happening. Elmo helps show my toddler what love and compassion look like on a daily basis. Grover shows her how to be silly. Count helps her learn her numbers. Abby makes her laugh.

Sesame Street is as much a part of my life as it is my daughter’s life. Sesame street taught me how to count to ten in Spanish when I was her age— almost 30 years ago. I learned what it means to be a friend with Bert and Ernie.

These furry friends keep our kiddos company when we need a distraction from being on an airplane, a day home sick from school or a procedure in a doctor’s office. Sesame Street continually teaches us how to love and help our neighbor.

Please take care of our furry friends. They are near to OUR hearts.

The Mom of a Toddler and Sesame Street Fan




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