Crayon Craft for Teacher Gifts



As a former teacher, I know how nice it is to feel appreciated by your students. Here’s a fun craft that you can assemble with your kids for their teacher.


What You’ll Need:colors angle

  • Large box of crayons (total depends on size of cup)
  • Cardstock
  • Hot Glue Gun (please use supervision if your kids are helping)
  • Metal Desk Cup
  • Marker Set or Colored Pens (to fill the cup)

crayon construct

1. Cut a strip of cardstock as a base for the crayons. Measure it to fit the circumference of the cup as its length and the height of the cup as its width. To avoid trimming the crayons, use a cup that is taller than a standard crayon.

2. Organize the crayons in order before starting, since hot glue can dry and cool quickly. For a rainbow effect, start and end with the same color and progress through the color wheel (Blue – Purple – Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue)

3. Starting on one end, apply hot glue directly to the cardstock on a flat surface. I like to apply glue for enough area to attach 4-5 crayons at once, but just be sure to press down firmly while the glue is still hot. For a neat effect, place each crayon with consistent label orientation.

4. Allow to cool before wrapping the cardstock and crayon strip around the metal cup. Apply hot glue directly to both surfaces for this step to reinforce.crayon strip

5. An added touch would also be to tie a ribbon around the crayon cup to finish it off with a pretty touch. This would double as reinforcement for your beautiful creation.

6. Fill with colorful markers or pens, wrap it up, and give it to your teacher!


crayon complete


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