The Anxiety of Sending Our Kids to School


My first four years as a teacher were spent as a young woman with no children. In so many ways, this proved to be a huge asset because I could spend all of my energy and thoughts on my classroom and students.  During those years I never really gave much thought about how my students’ parents felt about the first day of school. My entire mindset was making the children comfortable and excited to be a part of my classroom. I looked at the first day of school as a great way to connect with my little kiddos and begin the school year off right!

During my second year of teaching, I had a little boy who really struggled in my classroom. For some reason, as hard as I was trying, we just couldn’t connect. He acted out a lot and I turned to his parents for help. I wanted to see what they thought I could do in order to be a more effective teacher and help this little boy who was desperately struggling in my classroom. I won’t ever forget what his mother told me was the problem. She said I will be a much better teacher when I become a parent. She didn’t really think I could understand because I didn’t know what it was like to send my own child to school.

At the time, I felt that she couldn’t be more wrong. As a young teacher I cared more about those kids than she could ever imagine. While I still disagree with her statement, I now understand the sentiment behind it.  I never really understood the overwhelming responsible that parents were leaving me with every day until I left my own child at school for the first time. Basically, they were giving me their most treasured and beloved gift to watch over, their child.

As a mother, the anxiety of sending my own children to school is incredibly overwhelming at the start of each year. Since I don’t know what the school year will bring, my mind is filled with so many questions. This year I am sending my own little boys to fourth and first grade. I should be a pro at this by now, but I am so nervous for so many reasons! These questions swarm in my brain at all times:
Luke school featured image

Will he put forth his best self?
Will his teacher see the good that I see in him?
Will his teacher be loving and kind?
Will his teacher encourage him to be a good person and make good choices?
Will he continue to do well in school?
Will he continue to see the joy in learning?
Will he be kind to others?
Will he love going to school each day?
Will he make good friends that help him grow emotionally?
And on and on and on…

The amount of sleep that a parent loses over sending their child to school can be overwhelming. So, although this is the fifth year that I am sending kiddos to school, the anxiety of the first day of school remains. Despite my anxiety, I focus on the many benefits to sending my kids to school so they can learn from wonderful teachers and peers. The ten years I spent in the school system help me realize that I am making the right choice. A school is filled with love and learning! These thoughts comfort me as I enter another year with another FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!
First day of school

Does the first day of school bring you any anxiety?

What reasons make you nervous to

send your little one to school?

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