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Vannie is the proud momma to a beautiful one year old daughter, Ellie.  She was born in Houston but raised in McAllen.  She loves gardenias, reading, traveling, beaches and attempting to craft.  She is constantly working on personal development.  She is currently an officer of the Metro Toastmasters Club in McAllen and taking a sewing class.  She works for an independent pharmacy in Edinburg but dreams of one day owning her own business.

What did you want to be growing up?
I know it’s really sorta cheesy, but all my life I’ve always wanted to be a mom.  Sure I had different aspirations from time to time, but the one constant thing I knew I wanted to do was be a mother.  At times, I get frustrated and overwhelmed with my little one, but then I remember I was made to be her mommy J

What is your favorite scent?
Gardenias.  It has such a sweet fragrance.  My family has always had gardenias in our garden.  I associate gardenias with all the women in my life I love.  Having a gardenia near will pretty much guarantee a smile from me.

What is your favorite food?
If I was on death row (and let’s hope that’s never a possibility) for my last meal, I’d request Chicken Bryan from Carrabas.  It is so deliciously yummy!  If you ever get the chance to eat there, I’d definitely recommend it!

Finish the sentence, “one look at me and you’d never guess…”
That I have a nine inch scar on my right leg (unless you take a look at me while I’m wearing shorts).  I was born with a birthmark that doctors thought could have possibly caused cancer.  My parents opted to have it removed and it just stretched with me.  People always tell me I should say I got bit by a shark!

What are three things you must have?

  • ·        Definitely concealer!  My daughter is the greatest thing to me, but she is the cause of my dark circles around my eyes. 
  • ·        My glasses or contacts are probably important to have.  My eyesight isn’t that horrible, but boy do I feel it when I “forget” to wear them.
  • ·        Music!  I pretty much always have music playing.  If I’m driving, cleaning, even blogging…music is a must!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Venice, Italy.  I am so drawn to that city.  It’s on my bucket list.  One day, one day.

You can follow along Vannie’s adventures in motherhood here where you will find all her posts.


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