Hike, Bike and Stroll(er) in Mission


I love the Mission Hike & Bike Trail (City of Mission Park) & Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park – World Birding Center (State Park). It is an out of Valley experience! Reason being that it is just South of Exp. 83 in Mission – and while being there you would never even know that there was an expressway anywhere near by! Plus it is stroller friendly!

1)      Mission Hike & Bike Trail – To get here take Express 83 to Mission, exit on Conway and head .5 miles South and you will see the parking lot on your right hand side (just South of the Mission Gun Club – don’t be scared!).  Mission Hike & Bike Trail is a 5 mile paved trail that ends/turns around at the parking lot of Bentsen –Rio Grande Valley State Park. So out and back make it a 10 mile trail. There is parking at both ends of the trail (other end is S Bentsen Palm Drive, see Bentsen State Park), so you can start anywhere you would like. What can you see on this trail? Beautiful fields, natural brush, birds and wild life, a few neighborhoods, and so much more. About 3 miles of it is secluded, the other 2 miles (closer to the State Park) is alongside the road (mainly Military Highway). Have older children? Want a little adventure? Throughout the brush near the Conway entrance there are mountain bike trails, some easier than others. The Mission trails are always open, and Border Patrol is always a constant along the 5 mile stretch. I feel very safe in this area during the day time. Note that the Mission Hike & Bike website does note that it is potentially dangerous during night (and I say dusk) hours. Best part of this whole trail – It is FREE!


mission hike and bike

This is a photo of a few runners of Team In Training at the parking lot of Bentsen State Park, look how green it is out there along the Rio Grande River!

2)      Bentsen – Rio Grande Valley State Park & World Birding Center – To get here take Expressway 83 to Mission, exit on Bentsen Palm Drive (FM 2062) and head South about 2 miles. When the road ends the parking will be on your left. The World Birding Center is a joint partnership between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It acts as the Visitors Center, has a Butterfly Garden and is free. To gain access to the inside of Bentsen – Rio Grande Valley State Park there is a $5 charge for those 13 and older – but any class or tour going on is typically included in your fee! The $5 is well worth it. With several bird blinds and feeders it is a great place to catch a glimpse of migrating birds and local creatures. There is a 2 mile loop of paved hike/bike trail AND 3 miles of unpaved hiking trails (different from The Mission Hike & Bike Trail). And due to the low laying land of this park these hike trails are for beginners! And WOW – natural brush that goes on for miles. There are also observations decks – one being 2 stories high – which allows you to see miles around you including the Rio Grande River (which is the South border of the park) and into Mexico. Other offerings include bike rental and guided tours! For this park I recommend calling first. Hours of operation change due to holidays and Mother Nature can cause it to close on occasion. The park is staffed by Texas State employees during operating hours which is the safest time to be there.



When my Dad was visiting from NC I took him here for a walk – I didn’t want him to think the RGV was only made up of pavement and strip centers. He loved it! Both options have a very flat terrain and miles of paved trails either option is perfect for little ones new to biking or a great place for a stroller! I recommend going very early or late afternoon due to limited cover from the sun. These times are also busy during the winter because Bentsen Park is a favorite for Winter Texas and bird watchers alike. Bring a picnic and have an early lunch or a snack. Always bring lots of water.

Happy trails to you!


  1. My family and I went to Bentsen park last month and we had a wonderful time! I rented an adult tricycle (sounds funny but they’re fun!) and my husband and I took turns riding it while the other pushed the stroller. My baby enjoyed the ride as well. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!


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