Surprise, Surprise!


Last November, I wrote a post about my health issues regarding my ability to get pregnant and how I wasn’t sure if Mike and I would have more kids.  Well, guess what?  I am PREGNANT!  and little did I know, I was pregnant when I wrote that post.

I have officially started my second trimester, and I’m surprised because this pregnancy has been the complete opposite of my pregnancy with Klarissa.  With Klarissa, I was sick every day for the first five months; I hated pickles; and I craved fruit and edamame for the first six months.  This time, I have only been sick one day; I love pickles; and I crave salty foods along with meat and cheese.  This time, I’m not eating donuts at midnight or ice cream every night.  The only thing that seems to be the same as last is that I’m TIRED all the time and I have trouble keeping my eyes open from 3-5pm every day.   Oh, and my belly grew so fast that even at 10 weeks it was hard to hide.  Now that we are in the second trimester I don’t have to try to hide it and I can say I AM PREGNANT!

Mike and I found out we were pregnant at 6 weeks and it was much to our surprise because we weren’t really trying.  We just kept thinking, “If it happens, it happens”.  It happened, alright!  Mike and I were both so excited to learn another wonderful blessing will melt our hearts soon.  Of course, since he already has a daughter from a previous marriage and we have Klarissa, we were both hoping for a boy.  We actually believed it would be a boy since this pregnancy has been so different from the last.  So, it was a big surprise for us when we called last week to get the results of our first trimester screening and heard, “Congratulations Mrs. Silva, it’s a GIRL“.  All I can say is, I can only imagine what a morning in our house will be like in 15 years!!  Oh, the joys!!

This is a very exciting time for our family and we have a lot to look forward to with this baby girl on the way.  She should arrive early July, several weeks after my sister-in-law has her twins.  It’s going to be a busy Spring/Summer for us as we’ve got to get ready for baby #2.  The good thing is, we already have everything we need for a girl.  All we need now is a Pamper Party!!

Surprise, surprise everyone!  This is my big news!  I’m happy to share with you and hope to fill you in on more with baby #2 along with the way.

Cheers to Baby Girl Silva!



  1. Ahh Friend, I’m so happy for you, Mike and the girls! I pray baby girl Silva continues to grow into a healthy, beautiful princess!

    Continued blessings to you and your family!!

    Much love


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