Christy Swaringen

Christy Swaringen
Raised in North Carolina, Christy loves sweet tea (think watery syrup), lightning bugs, and fall leaves. After ten years in South Texas, she now considers herself “from the Valley,” and can’t seem to get enough of mango raspas, afternoons by the pool and, of course, botanas. Her family has ridden the roller coaster that is foster and adoptive parenting for the last seven years and they are much the better for it. Christy loves doing life with her husband, Caleb, and their three kids. Nate (10) is a master storyteller, Kamila (7) is a curious fireball, and Eli (4) is always close on everyone's heels.

Let’s Explore: Quinta Mazatlan

Hey RGV Moms, we're adding more adventures to our "Let's Explore" series and highlighting some great spots in the RGV to visit with your kiddos. Today's stop: Quinta Mazatlan. Quinta Mazatlan RGVMB Directory Listing Location: 600 Sunset...

Dear Teachers, Right Now, I See You

Dear Teachers, Normally, I send my kids off to you in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. I entrust my children to you and I trust that you're doing your best.  I...
All Good Diapers for baby

It’s Time for an [ All Good ] Diaper Run!

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A Silver Lining While Stuck at Home

The news out there is heavy. Can you feel it? Like thunderclouds that are about to explode. But, if you squint and look just right, can you see it? There's a silver lining. Some days...

Coronavirus Outbreak: Accessing Online Educational Resources

If you're anything like me, this coronavirus outbreak caught you a little off-guard. More like, having the kids home from school for an extra week after Spring Break with the possibility of long-term distance...
Let's Explore McAllen Nature Center

Let’s Explore: McAllen Nature Center

Hey RGV Moms, we're continuing our "Let's Explore" series and highlighting some great RGV spots to visit with your kiddos. Today's stop: McAllen Nature Center. McAllen Nature Center RGVMB Directory Listing Location: 4101 West Business 83, McAllen Phone:...

Gold Medal Parenting

Do you ever feel like you've done so well at parenting that you deserve a gold medal? Or maybe a bronze? Or maybe some days, do you feel like your parenting has only earned...

10 Reflections on a Decade of Parenting

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This is Our Life Now…and I’m Not Sad About It

Anxiety over the perfect nursery set up and when and how contractions will start, Anticipation over finally seeing his face and hearing her cry, This is our life now...and I'm not sad about it. An overflowing diaper...

Get your Child Car Seats Checked for FREE with TxDOT

{This post was created in partnership with TxDOT. However, all opinions are my own} Are you always on the go? We sure are! We're in and out of our van every day multiple times a...