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{This post was created in partnership with TxDOT. However, all opinions are my own}


Are you always on the go? We sure are! We’re in and out of our van every day multiple times a day. I recently had  the child car seats in my van checked, and let’s just say I didn’t exactly score a perfect 100 when it came to correct fit and installation… 

Thanks to TxDOT, you can schedule a free child car seat check any time! They have a list of certified technicians who will help you get those seats installed properly and adjusted correctly to fit your little ones. Every seat is different, and these technicians are able to help you get to know the seat that you rely on to keep your precious cargo safe. 

Simply visit to connect with a TxDOT representative who can help you schedule your child car seats inspection, free of charge! You can also visit for the same information in Spanish.

At your appointment: 

  • Bring your kids. If possible, bring your kiddos along so that the technician can get a proper fit of the harness or seat belt.
  • Bring their measurements. Know your child(ren)’s height and weight so that you can compare it with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Give yourself time. The technicians who checked our seats were very thorough and wanted to make sure I could install the car seats myself as well. Allow at least 30 minutes for the inspection. 
  • Don’t be embarrassed! The technician wants to make sure your little one is as safe as possible. As time goes by, you’ll need to adjust the seat to fit your child and re-tighten the straps that keep it firmly in place. Ask questions and take their advice to heart! 

DYK: Child Car Seats Edition 

Here are a few things I learned and was reminded of after my own child car seat inspection:

  • You should go by your child’s weight and height when it comes to car seats, not age
  • If you can pinch the straps on the harness, it’s not tight enough
  • The seat shouldn’t move more than one inch when you put weight on it or pull at it (fail!)
  • That strap that goes over the back of the chair really is important for stability and safety

Don’t forget, sign up for a FREE child car seat check with TxDOT via the button below!


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