Spring DIY: Spray Paint


Roses are red, violets are blue, with a can of spray paint, you can be any color too!



I am 34 years old and I have just discovered spray paint.

And now, I want to spray ALL THE THINGS. First, let me say that I have no DIY project knowledge to share. This post is a request.

Give me your best DIY spray paint projects down below!

How it Began

Our mailbox door rusted. We bought our house in August of 2017 and a few months later the rusted mailbox door blew off in some high winds. When we bought the house I didn’t realize how difficult (or expensive) it would be to replace an entire brick-enclosed mailbox.

About a month ago I ended up in a super heated verbal altercation with a cantankerous FedEx man over how small our address numbers were, and our missing mailbox door. Little did the angry man know, I had already ordered this fancy snap-in door that didn’t require brick removal, nor did it require tools. I was excited when it came because it was literally a snap-n-go mailbox door fix.

My only issue afterwards was that the shiny new door did not match the visibly rusted metal from the old mailbox. I asked my husband what kind of paint would be appropriate to use and he suggested spray paint.

I went into Lowe’s and the awesome worker helped me pick the perfect shiny black spray paint. In less than 10 minutes, along with a little bit of painter’s tape, my mailbox looks super fancy and brand new!

On A Roll

Now, I’ve sprayed some plastic decorative fencing for my daughter’s wildflower garden bed,
…and a metal chair,
…and I plan to do my front porch bench (I’m thinking either a bold red, or a spring green),
…and maybe even my front door!

If only I had discovered this stuff years ago! I keep looking at things thinking “I bet I could spray that!” Or “Hmm… that would look better in blue! Let me at it!”

When I drive down the road and look at all the other rusted mailboxes in the neighborhood, my eye starts twitching. I just want to spray it! Spray it all with the magic paint can! Muahahaha. Except, I think that would be a federal offense, thus I’ll keep my spray paint projects to my own property.

So? Drop some ideas down below. What else can I spray paint to get my spring DIY fix? I don’t want pinterest randomness, I’m looking for some tried-and-tested projects from my local RGV (much-more-crafty-than-I) mamas!

↓↓↓Ready, set, go!↓↓↓


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