Now That’s a Game-Changer: Milestones that Make a Difference


As moms, we make it our duty to track milestones, monitor child development and pay close attention to our little ones. But every now and then, there are those moments that just make you say, “Now that’s a Game-Changer!”

More than times than not, they signal the end of a hard phase and the beginning of a little more independence for your little one (and a little more sanity for you)!

Game-Changing Milestones

  • When your potty-training toddler can stand up and pee on his own. Game-changer!
  • When the baby can sit up and doesn’t have to be held all. Day. Long. Game-changer!
  • When your little one can follow simple directions and actually do what you’re asking her to do. Game-changer!
  • When all of your kids can put on their own shoes and socks. Game-changer!
  • When your little one moves to a booster seat instead of a car seat with a harness. Game-changer!
  • When you no longer have to carry a diaper bag or sippy cup everywhere you go. Game-changer!

Now, you may have noticed a trend. All of these game-changers come with nothing but time. The ages of 0-3 are absolutely crucial when it comes to brain development in our little ones. These are the hard years! But they are years that can set our kids up for success.

There’s no magic pill. No speeding up the clock.  Nothing you can do to make babies get out of diapers or toddlers stop throwing tantrums.

I take that back. There’s nothing you can do but be there. Be present. Dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s.” Cross off those milestones and watch them closely. Watch them grow.

Gaining Independence

Because one day, they’ll put on their socks and tie their shoes and buckle themselves in, all without any help. One day they’ll get lost in a book and want you to drop them off at practice instead of coming in.

So, sweet mamas, hold on to those babies. Don’t wish away the days of their childhood, but don’t hold them away from growth, either.


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