DIY Retro Valentine Printable Cards


What was Valentine’s Day like when we were kids? Easy.

Buy a carton of tiny perforated printed cards.
Take 3.79 hours deciding who in your class would get which message.
Hand-write names of classmates into the “From” line and outside on the envelope.
Lick the envelopes sealed.
Deliver into each kid’s “mailbox” at school.

In retrospect, it was a pretty simple process. Comparatively.

Now, as moms, we can easily get drawn in to this whole process times ten with so many ways to creatively express love and cheer on this holiday, Valentine’s Day. All in the name of our kids. All in the name of puns.

This makes some of us a bit anxious and overwhelmed.

Mama, we’re here to help. Look no further. Keep it simple. Print the cards below, cut, boom. You’re done! Attach it to a bag of goldfish or gummy pack or staple a sticker sheet on the back if you want to get fancy.

Your kid can get really personal by writing a cute message or drawing something on the back. Join the fun and make it a family activity!

To Download JPEG:

Click the images above to open the printable JPEG. Save and print.

Tag us in your posts at @rgvmomsblog as we would love to see those sweet Valentines!

To Download PDF (best quality):

Click the images below to download the printable PDF.

Once you have printed the cards, trim  them to size.

Designer Tip: trim into the printed color to leave no white edges OR cut evenly outside of the printed area to retain a clean white border which works like a frame.

Read on for more great ideas and posts for Valentine’s Day. Find some more printables for the kids to bring to school. Explore healthy holiday recipes and treats. 


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