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The RGV Moms Blog has partnered with Reliant Energy to bring you this sponsored post and giveaway.

With RGV summer just around the corner, we know we can rely on two things for sure: skyrocketing temperatures and a skyrocketing power bill! 

Hey Google, how can we save on energy this year?

RGV Moms Blog is here for you! We’ve partnered with Reliant to help you get smart! This amazing deal will help you keep tabs on your energy usage, as well as organize your home and family routines with the new Google Home Hub.

When you sign up for the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan, you’ll get a Google Home Hub — a new 7-inch smart display with the Google Assistant — as well as truly free weekends! Reliant is the first energy company in the U.S. using Google’s Assistant developer tools to create visual displays that provide personalized energy information.

The integrated system will help you be smart about energy usage in your home all year long!

Google-Home-Hub-Reliant Energy

With the Google Home Hub you can:

  • Get help at a glance: With the Google Assistant built-in, you can use your voice to get the best of Google – search, YouTube, photos, calendar, maps and more – right on the Google Home Hub display.
  • Create personalized routines: With Voice Match, just say “Hey Google, good morning,” to turn on lights, launch reminders, events and commute status. Say “Hey Google, good night,” to turn down your thermostat, turn off lights and more.
  • Manage your Reliant account with your voice: Ask simple questions like “Hey Google, ask Reliant, when does my free weekend start?” You can also use voice commands to pay your electricity bill, track your usage or check your account balance.
  • Keep an eye on your energy efficiency: View a customized snapshot of your weekly electricity use with Reliant. And get estimates of your expected weekly electricity charges so you can budget better. 

Hey Google, how can I sign up?

Customers can sign up for the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan and receive a Google Home Hub at no cost by visiting or calling 1-866-Reliant. Truly Free Weekends begin at 8 p.m. Friday and end at 12 a.m. Monday.

Smart Home Energy Usage with Reliant Energy and Google Home Hub


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