Take me Back to the Toddler Days


Toddler DaysI’m dead serious. Take me back to the toddler days. Not as a mom of toddlers. I want to actually be a toddler again.

My oldest is seven and my youngest is almost two with a four-year-old in between, so I feel like I’ve been in perpetual toddler-hood for at least the last five years. I’m SO ready to be out of this mom stage. But being a toddler for a day? Now that sounds fun. How about we switch places?

Toddler for a Day 

I want to be left to sleep in as long as possible in the morning.

I want a punctual and smiling face to be there to greet me and begin to orchestrate the whole world to revolve around me as soon as I wake up and start crying.

I want someone to pick out cute clothes for me, dress me, fix my hair and brush my teeth.

I want my actual job to only involve pretend play. 

I want to have selective hearing . The “clean up song”? My brain hasn’t developed enough yet. “Share”? Tampoco. “Mine.” Now that’s one word I know and understand. Along with “candy, TV and iPad.”

I want to be carried when I’m tired or pulled in a wagon if the walk is too long.

I want to laugh hysterically every time I perform a bodily function. 

I want to be forced to take an afternoon nap. 

I want everything to go my way, all day long, or I will go into total breakdown mode in less than 30 seconds flat. And no one will bat an eye.

I want my extreme and unexpected emotional explosions to be explained away as “the terrible twos.” 

I want to speak in simple sentences, or maybe just say the main words over and over until someone figures out what I’m asking for.

I want a constant supply of carbs in a bowl that I don’t have to share with anyone.

I want those around me to drop whatever they’re doing whenever I have a request that is urgent in my own eyes.

I want people to repeat everything I say after me, affirming that I’m correct in what I’m saying.

I want to eat with my hands and not be expected to clean anything up.

I want everyone around me to celebrate my smallest accomplishments.

I want to take a long, warm bath every night and be rocked to sleep. 

Yep. That about sums it up. I want to be a toddler again.

Hope in the Hectic

To all of the moms of littles out there, be encouraged. All of the everyday crazy is worth it. We’re molding little humans here! We’re shaping their view of right and wrong. We’re modeling consistency. We’re laying a foundation of letters and colors and shapes. We’re teaching them that the world actually doesn’t revolve around them.

It will get easier. . . one day (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). But you won’t ever get these precious moments with your sweet babies back. 

So, go on. Sit on the floor and throw Cheerios in the air. Run outside in the rain and jump in the puddles. Show excitement over the same thing you’ve been shown excitement over for the last fifteen days straight. Smile and repeat yourself for the millionth time. Turn on Paw Patrol and take a moment to breathe. You’ve earned it.


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