I Didn’t Cry on My Son’s First Day of School


I didn’t cry on my son’s first day of school — and that’s ok! This year, my first-born child flew the nest and started school. I was so proud!

Over the summer, our son was able to attend camp at his school. As the school year neared, we  went to several meet the teachers/administration meetings.We were extremely lucky to have our son transition very well because of the camps and meetings the school had planned for the children. 

Before School

Before getting our son into school, we took him to several library programs, read to him everyday, bought workbooks and worked on his fine/gross motor skills at home. Truly, I felt like I had maxed out on teaching him what I could. I felt like I wasn’t challenging my child the way he should be. We were constantly told he was doing very well for his age, but deep down inside, I felt like he was ready for school. He was yearning for more, but I just couldn’t get him to where he wanted to be. I knew, he needed guidance from a professional — a teacher. 

First Day of Pre-K 

The first day of school has arrived! We are all so excited! Mr. Big Boy stayed up a little past bed time with excitement, but nonetheless woke up on time to make it to school with a smile. Spoiler Alert: we left at 6:30 a.m, and it still wasn’t enough time! The closer it got to 7:45 a.m, the more nervous I got. I didn’t want my child to be late on the first day of school! I literally hopped out of the car, pulled out the stroller and rolled my child to school. My husband stayed in the car while we walked into class together. I gave Azariah a hug, kiss and waved goodbye. He walked in so confidently, I knew he was in good hands. My husband hadn’t even entered the gates by the time I dropped off our son…traffic was that bad! When I finally met up with my husband in the car, I told him how well he did and my husband got teary-eyed! 

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Now, don’t get me wrong…I was emotional, but I was also incredibly excited for this new journey for my son. I was so happy that he would be challenged in ways I could not provide. I didn’t cry on his first day, and that’s okay.

I’ve spent so much time with him at home learning together. I just feel we are both in a point of our lives where he can learn from his peers and his teachers. I know he’s in a good school, where he can be himself and learn in the classroom. I love my son, and I’m excited he’s growing up, but I don’t feel like I have to fit the “I Cried On My Child’s First Day” stereotype. To this day our son continues to go to school with no problems, comes home to do his homework, and does well in school.

Crying doesn’t make you weak, but not crying on major milestones doesn’t make you a monster either. Too many people think I cried and just said I didn’t to be “tough.” Fortunately, I felt like my son was ready for this next step in his life. But, who knows, maybe next year I’ll cry! 



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