Labor and Delivery: The thoughts in my head


I recently had my fourth baby. Before I gave birth, I was put on bed rest in the hospital for five days. Those were the longest five days of my life! Here’s a little peek at what was going on inside my head:

That needle!
I have to pee again.
Who’s knocking at the door this time?
I like this nurse.
When is lunch coming?
Should I make small talk with the janitor mopping up my pee?
My Doctor is hot!
Can I lock the door?
What’s that smell?
Someone PLEASE walk through the door…
Oh, this is the mean nurse.
My butt is sweating.

I may have been bored, but at least I waited on hand and foot… and then I gave birth, and everyone left the room. 

After you deliver, you get wheeled into a postpartum room and the nurse leaves and doesn’t come back (sometimes, for a few hours!). Everyone asks how the baby is doing. Can they see the baby? Can they hold the baby? No one cares about the mom anymore! The bed is hard, the TV has no remote, and it’s freezing— you just want to grab your baby and go home!

Between the FIVE very long days I spent on bed rest and the loneliness of my postpartum stay, a lot of random, rambling thoughts rolled through my mind. Please tell me I’m not alone!

What was your experience before— and after— you gave birth?

How did they compare?




  1. This was very inspirational. I’m sorry you had some rough spots during your stay at the hospital, it must’ve been hard. Awesome post!


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