100 Days of School Shirts & Activity Ideas


The phenomenon of counting the first 100 days of school has swept the nation and many schools really get the kids involved and engaged, not to mention the families who are helping their kids with 100 Days of School projects at home. There are so many creative ways to display, count and engage with 100 so we tried to capture some of our favorites.

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100 Days Valentine’s Day Shirt

With Valentine’s Day within a stone’s throw, this shirt can even double up as a 100 days project AND a shirt full of love to sport on the 14th. Too cute.

Valentine's Day Shirt 100 Days

Survival: 100 Days of Bandaids

If you feel like those first 100 days are just surviving, you might just need another few boxes of bandaids. My kids love bandaids. Actually, I love bandaids. This shirt is just too cute and definitely fun for the kids to create “all by myself” if they want to.

100 Days of Bandaids Shirts for School

100 Days Smarter

These animal stickers were snatched up at the dollar store for less than a penny each! Work smart, spend less, have tons of fun peeling stickers with the littles as you count to 100!

Take it one step further – give your kid 100 PENNIES and ask them to pay for it themselves. #winning

100 Days Smarter Hat and Shirt

100 Days Flew Away!

How many of you feel like this? 100 days? Really? Time really flies when you’re having fun.

100 Days Flew Away

Original pin: 100 Days Flew Away

100th day of school counting

Source: Little Mac Boutique’s 100th day shirt with bow

How many ways can we count to 100?

So many! Here are a few fun crafts and activities also on our Pinterest board. 

100 Days of School Crayon Wreath 

100th day of school mat

Original source for activity mat: Tickled Pink in Primary

100 day cup structure

Source: Tip Junkie

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