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Renee is the RGV Moms Blog Managing Editor, as well as a regular contributor.

fullsizerender-1Tell us a little bit about you:

I grew up in the wonderfully weird Austin on the 80’s and 90’s. After college, I moved to NYC where I worked as an advertising copywriter for eight years. Just before our daughter was born, my husband and I relocated to the RGV. (We love it here!) As a new mom, I was lucky to find a supportive and wonderful group of friends— many of them through this blog! Currently, I split my days between working as a freelance writer and taking care of my feisty toddler.

Finish this sentence: “You’d never guess that I…”

… used to be a member of an improv troupe in NYC (we were short-lived, but it was crazy fun).

Describe your ideal day.

Um, waking up in a 4-star hotel on the beach. Duh!

Or, waking up, grabbing really good coffee, reading an amazing book, eating delicious food, hanging out with my family, and then finishing up the day with a handmade margarita on a patio, surrounded by friends.

Name three must-haves and why.

Coffee: Probably my favorite food group.

Walking: I take a walk with my daughter or by myself every day. Clears my head and helps me daydream.

My Laptop: It’s how I work, book trips, stay in touch, and watch Downton Abbey.

What do you miss most about life before kids?

Traveling without a monkey on my lap!

In three words, what kind of mom are you?

Thoughtful. Creative. Loving.

Anything else fun we should know?

I love mazes! Like those giant corn maze things you can walk through. Anyone know of any around here?


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Renee K.
Hi. I’m Renee. Last year, I left my full-time job in New York, moved back home to Texas, bought a house, and popped out my first baby. Luckily, I did this all with my awesome husband and our totally bewildered cat. Now that we’re living in the RGV, I’m getting to know a whole new side of Texas— which I love. I also love my little girl, public libraries, fresh margaritas, adult conversation, and anything funny or satirical. (I used to love sleeping, but I think we all know that’s a lost cause.) When I’m not adjusting to life with a toddler, I'm working from home as a freelance copywriter. Oh, and downing copious amounts of iced coffee.


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