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imageTell us a little bit about you:

I’m originally from Georgetown, Texas, but raised in Mission, Texas. I’m married to my elementary sweetheart and we have two beautiful daughters. I’m a sociology undergraduate with a masters in education administration, and currently I teach third grade. I have been teaching for eight years and am now working on my principal certification. I miss my girls when I’m at work, but any chance I get I spend it with them — even when I’m tired. I love to just sit and watch them play. It’s fascinating to witness the miracle of giving birth to living every moment with my girls. They are my heart and soul. When the opportunity comes along, I volunteer for Viva McAllen, Palm Fest, and the McAllen Holiday Parade. Volunteering gives me the space I need to refocus and mingle with adults of the same interest. I enjoy learning anything about teaching, leadership, and children. I’m a self learner with a dedication to being a life-long learner.

Finish this sentence: “You’d never guess that I…”

… am a fan of those miniature toys “Shopkins.” My husband and I will search for one specific Shopkin until we find it for our daughter.

Describe your ideal day.

Every day is ideal, but a day being with my husband and girls tops them all. I love to get up on Saturday and we all head out to Denny’s for breakfast. It’s our favorite. We enjoy talking and laughing with each other. It’s our special time to encourage ourselves that all that matters surrounds us, day in and day out.

imageName three must-haves and why.

My husband, my girls, and coffee: These are the people and one thing that keep me going throughout my day.

What do you miss most about life before kids?

It’s difficult to pinpoint something I miss because I’m too busy enjoying raising my girls.

In three words, what kind of mom are you?

Loving. Nurturing. Forgiving.



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