A Fresh Take on Home Fragrance {EnviroScent Giveaway!}


RGV Moms Blog is delighted to partner with EnviroScent to bring you the following sponsored review. We believe in sharing products we value and all opinions are genuine and 100% our own.

How many of you are a stay-at-home parent? How many of you work away from home, but are total homebodies on the weekend?

My point is that no matter how many hours we spend at home, we want it to be a welcoming, comfortable place.

Personally, I’ve struggled with this. In the last year, my home went from two semi-competent adults to two crazed parents and a messy toddler.

Now that I spend the majority of my day taking care of the baby (and working from the dining room!), I’m constantly searching for ways to make our space feel fresh, peaceful, inviting, and pleasant.

The easiest way to accomplish all that, without a single load of laundry? Scent.

enviroscent giveawayAnd, no, I’m not talking about scented candles or plug-ins— I actually can’t stand any of those things. The one thing I found— and now LOVE—  is EnviroScent. They’re a new fragrance line that makes “the finest home fragrances in a new, low-footprint way.” Their solvent-free home fragrance products include Bursts (for warmers), AutoSticks (for your car), and Bed & Bath Sticks (for home).

And they smell AMAZING. The first product I tried was the Wild Lavender Bed & Bath Stick. Each package comes with a little, white ceramic holder. (Super subtle. I like!) And a single stick lasts for 30 days— so far, I’m about two weeks in.



When you first open a packet, the scent seems powerful (trust me, this is good). I found that within 2-3 days, it softens up and evens out, giving your home the perfect amount of scent.

Now, back to important things— like eco-friendly ingredients. The most fabulous thing about these fragrances is that they’re made with all-natural essential oils and other “responsibly selected and harvested” ingredients. So you can freak out a little less each time you see an article on Facebook about all the chemicals we bring into our homes.


A giveaway for our readers!

I love, love, love that EnviroScent is all about refreshing, responsible, eco-friendly fragrances for your home and your car. I also love that they’re available in HEB stores right here in the RGV! We are also thrilled that EnviroScent samples will be in each of our swag bags for moms attending Bloom on April 30th! [More details about that event and tickets here.]

In the meantime, they’re giving one lucky reader a four month supply of each new product: Bursts, Bed & Bath Sticks and AutoSticks!

Enter to win this fabulous EnviroScent giveaway below!

Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know why your home needs some EnviroScent. Stay fresh, RGV!

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