Signs You Might be Married Over Ten Years


Remember the day you got married and you had beautiful items from a registry?

The thought of being married ten years sounded far off in the future, right?

Well, for many of you reading this, ten years has come and gone a lot quicker than you could have ever imagined. I am coming up on twelve years of marriage and I’ve noticed a few things now that we have been married over ten years.


Sign #1: Your pots and pans are disgusting.Congrats on making it to ten years

There should be a rule that every bride gets a bridal shower every ten years. There is not one registry item that is looking good at this point except the china because you never use it. Towels have had to be replaced, we are missing half of the knives from the knife set, and every wine glass is broken. I would never register for the same things that I did twelve years ago and I want to go tell my former self to pick out different silverware because the kids won’t do well with what you chose.

Sign #2: The grocery list is a big deal.

Most texts between me and my husband revolve around the grocery store. A common text is: On my way home, need anything? The response usually consists of either no, get home now, the kids are driving me crazy, or please grab milk. While at the grocery store, you receive texts that add items to your list. You have a constant grocery list on the fridge that you add items to daily. The grocery list has become a main topic of your conversation.

Sign #3: Your treat date nights are treated as National Holidays.Married Sexting-I'm not wearing

Date nights are a rare treat and truly something to celebrate. The amount of excitement you get over date nights is insane and can give you a good week of anticipation and happiness at the thought of a date night coming up that weekend.

Sign #4: You call each other mom and dad.

This was one that we swore we would never do. It is inevitable though. I no longer even notice I am doing it. When I do notice, I am frightened at how far removed I’ve gotten from my pre-mom self.

Sign #5: You have discussed retirement.

It may not be happening tomorrow, but we now realize that discussing our retirement is important. Those young kids who got married are approaching 40 and freaking out about having enough in savings so they don’t have to work the rest of their lives.

Sign #6: Roles are beginning to flip flop.

You’ve now been married long enough that the patient one now loses their temper. Or maybe the fiery spouse can now approach a situation with a calm disposition. Yep, over time you’ve rubbed off on one another and slowly you begin to reverse roles.

Sign #7: You’ve caught yourself behaving like your parents.

I am now at the age of 35 and I can clearly remember my parents at that age. I remember the way they acted and thought they were old people. Now, I realize that they were actually VERY young and trying to be good parents.

Sign #8: Your comfort level with one another is a little too comfortable.

Enough said.


What other signs can you think of that you’ve been married more than 10…20…30 years?


  1. I love when my husband knows how to order my food even before I tell him what I want. He remembers the little things that I often think he wouldn’t think of. I am truly blessed and in love with him even more then ever. July will be 15 years for us!


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