2 Easy Valentine’s Crafts


I love holidays mostly because I get to decorate the holiday window for my daughter. Although I know she gets a kick out of seeing the decorations, I’m sure I enjoy the festivity much more than she does. I also love to craft (I tend to have more Pinterest fails than wins) but I totally enjoy doing it. I’m going to share not one, but two easy Valentine’s crafts that even the most amateur crafter can master. The best thing about these projects is that they are kid friendly and they can be completed in a couple of hours!

1. The “Heartsie” candles.


For this you will need to thick candles, twine, felt and a hot glue gun. Simply start wrapping the twine tightly around the candle. To keep the twine in place, dab a bit of glue on the twine and stick the twine end on the glue.IMG_0411

Next, cut a few felt heart cut outs and hot glue it on the twine. Easy peasy and now you have a pair of cute lovie candles!

2. The Modern & Chic Heart Masterpiece. For this you will need a blank canvas (I used 16×20), black and white acrylic paint, a foam paint brush, tape, a ruler, a heart template (I found a package of five glittery hearts for $1 at the dollar store…SWEET!) and some type of embellishment for your heart (I used fake crystal sparklies I found in the clearance section of the craft store). To start, I painted the whole canvas white. Yup, I painted my blank white canvas white…seems ridiculous but I wanted the palette to have the same consistency throughout. Once that’s dry, I measured and taped a line every two inches.  I completely taped over the stripes that were intended to stay white.


Next, I painted a couple of coats of paint to the black stripes.IMG_0341

While I waited for that to dry, I hot glued my sparkly embellishments to my heart. Once the paint was completely dry, I hot glued my embellished heart to my striped canvas. Voila! You have a cool, hip and modern heart piece!

Another really cool thing about these crafts is that they can be done easily for other holidays. I’m already on the lookout for a four leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day or cool Easter bunnies that can be used with both of these crafts! Share some of your creations on the comments below, we’d love to see them!


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