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Are you looking for some easy and fun Halloween crafts to do with your kiddos? Here are 3 crafts I have done with my kids. Two of them we did last year and one we did last week as a boredom buster. Halloween is not my favorite holiday to decorate for (bring on Christmas!) so these were an easy way to add some Halloween decor for the kids to put on display.

Painted Canvases: My son LOVES to do any crafts that include painting his hands or feet and my daughter does not and it always ends with her in tears. At least one of them has fun! We made these last year and I of course got the inspiration from Pinterest. My son was 3 and my daughter was 1.

All you need for this craft is canvases (from Hobby Lobby or Walmart), black, white, orange and lime green acrylic paint, and a few paint brushes. First, I painted both of the canvases black and let them dry. Once they were dry I started with my son and painted his foot and pressed it down where I wanted it on the canvas. He always giggles when I paint his feet… cracks me up! Then, I painted my daughters foot and pressed it down on the canvas next to my sons and of course she was in tears because her foot was dirty… she’s too girlie to get dirty, I guess! Once their little foot prints were dry I painted the words and the extra little details to make the Frankensteins and ghosts. Now,  we have cute Halloween decorations and keepsakes so we can see how little their feet were in 2013.



B is for Bat: I did this with with my son last year while my daughter was napping. Again, it was inspired by Pinterest… can you tell I am a Pinterest addict, yet? This is a good craft that will allow your child to practice the letter B, cutting, glueing and shapes. Last year my son never wanted to use scissors so I did the cutting, but I let him be in charge of the glue (that’s always kind of scary). First we traced his hands on black construction paper and cut those out along with a circle for the head, an oval for the body and 2 tiny triangles for the bats ears. Then we glued it all to the orange paper and he glued on 2 googley eyes and we made a beak using a white crayon. I wrote B is for Bat on the top and he hung it on our back door in the kitchen. Hey, more Halloween decor and a little Preschool work at home– WINNING!






Pumpkin Plates:   We made these cute little pumpkins last week. It was an easy craft that occupied the kiddos for a good 3o minutes. We used paper plates, construction paper and plastic gems that I had laying around. This is another craft that allows your preschool aged kids to practice cutting or ripping, shapes and glueing. I helped my 2 year old daughter with hers (on the right), but my 4 year old son did his on his own. I just added the stem and leaf on the top later as an afterthought. They had fun using the glue– I on the other hand was having a heart attack inside because there was glue everywhere! They made the pumpkins mouths out of the plastic gems. My daughter likes to come up to them and point to hers and say, “this is mine.” She’s so proud of her pumpkin! 





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