Don’t Forget to Dress Up!


MiriamDOne of my favorite hobbies growing up was playing dress up.  I really enjoyed putting outfits together.  This didn’t go so well with my mom, mainly because of my constant changing of outfits.

It’s not that I couldn’t make up my mind on what to wear.  It’s that I wanted to show off my creativity and endless options.

One of my most treasured memories was my Grandmother encouraging my talent.  She taught me to sew at an early age.  Together we would make play dresses for my Barbie’s and for myself.  As long as I could remember I’ve had a love for fashion.  I would also grab my mom’s bed sheets and curtains to make play dresses.  Don’t worry I wouldn’t cut them.  I would just tie them in knots to shape them.  I’ve always like dressing up.  Even if it was to just to walk outside, I tried to look my best.

This is something I instill in all of my students. Looking your best raises your spirits. I’ve been able to integrate my experiences into my profession and I enjoy helping others establish themselves as confident proud individuals. I catch myself smiling at times recalling these beautiful memories. In high school I remember my father hurrying me off to the grocery store all while saying, “Miriam, you’re not going to a fashion show, it’s just H-E-B.”

I saw how parenting sometimes took a toll on people and sometimes dressing up wasn’t an option.  Dressing up doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s about spending time with you.  If spontaneous is out of the question then schedule some time for yourself.

  • Start small by setting a few minutes aside each day to put outfits together.
  • Once you get a few outfits going then move on to accessorizing them with earrings, belts, scarfs, shoes and hats.  You choose what you want to start with.
  • Whether it’s getting outfits together, accessorizing, or adding a little bit of make-up to enhance your wardrobe, it will eventually grow into a routine.
  • Feel free to cut loose and have your Diva moment! If you have alone time great.  If not, don’t let that discourage you.
  • Involve your kiddos too.  Have fun expressing your unique styles.
  • Put on some music and walk that runway!
  • Pick out a few pieces and start mix and matching to your heart’s content.
  • If you’re pregnant, then all the more reason to have a Diva-thon!!!

MiriamEBLACK & WHITE is a going and going Trend!!

Black has a slimming effect and can look specially nice on trousers,skirts, and dresses.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the point of all of this is for you to be comfortable with yourself.  Don’t worry about what anyone else says or thinks and most importantly don’t forget to have fun.

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Miriam Contreras
Miriam Contreras lives in McAllen, Texas. She is married to her husband Mike. Together they have two beautiful children, Nathan (7) and Ella (3). She is an Image, Modeling & Etiquette consultant. Since she was little she has always enjoyed helping others. With the love and support of her family she has realized her dream in making a positive impact in the community. Consulting has allowed her to help many girls and women realize their unique God given strengths. She enjoys helping people fulfill their potential as confident and proud individuals. Miriam is the proud owner of MC Etiquette & Modeling also offering Image & Pageant Consulting.


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