Budget Shopping and Treating Yourself


Moms are always last when it comes to shopping. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing from my friends lately…and I would strongly agree. I don’t always agree with my family’s dress attire but as long as the hubby and kids don’t look like a train wreck I’m good.

A lot of the time I see hot buys for them and I can’t pass them up but I always manage to bypass myself. I’ve figured out that subconsciously I’m dreading the fact that I don’t want to bring my spirits down with an unflattering piece of clothing that maybe just doesn’t fit right.

So I recently went out determined to face and overcome this fear. I spent a day trying on clothes and just went all out. I’d like to share some tips with all the moms reading about budget shopping and treating yourself. Trust me you deserve it!

Jacket and Shorts

Tip #1 Go out with the mindset of embracing your body type. There is only one of you and your beautiful because you’re unique.

Summery Short

Tip #2 Go out and don’t be afraid to set a trend. Mix and match to your very own liking.

Skirt and Cardigan

Tip #3 Search the web for discount coupons before you get to your choice of store and email or download them to your phone. Also sign up for discount coupons via email for department stores like Target, Ross, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, JCPenny, Burlington, Walmart and Kmart. Be bold and ask the Manager for inventory restocking days and ask about the upcoming specials for the week or even the month to plan your shopping days.

Tip #4 Plan your route to be efficient and if possible no kids so you can focus on yourself.

Dress It Up


The 4 looks above are from the Target 2014 Spring  line.

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