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RGVMB Kids Eat Free PrintableIn response to the interest in our initial Kids Eat Free post, we have put together a one-page PRINTABLE that summarizes all of our finds. Thanks for the comments and shares, and we will continue to keep this updated as we discover new eateries and specials with great deals and free meals for kids and families.

The guide, like the original post, summarizes daily specials around town where free and discounted meals can be found. Many of these restaurants are chains, so this guide can be useful on a trip to another part of the state or country and also is useful for our out-of-area readers living outside the RGV!

What to do with this guide?

Download it, Print it, Share it, Save it, Keep one in the car, Plaster it on your Fridge!

We do recommend getting to know your local restaurants as individual locations sometimes opt out of promotions and specials. We left many in the guide for the update since the Rio Grande Valley extends over several counties so while one city may have a restaurant that closed, the next city may not. Thanks for understanding!


To download our printable, click the image (JPEG) or link (PDF) below and save directly to your computer.

RGVMB Kids Eat Free January 2015 :: RGV Moms Blog

RGVMB Kids Eat Free January 2015 :: RGV Moms Blog [PDG]



Happy Family Dining!


Did we miss one? If you have any offers and specials to add to the list, comment below and we will add them, too!


  1. Thank you for this post! Just a word of caution … not every Denny’s location offers the kids eat free every Monday through Thursday. I know the Denny’s in Weslaco only offers it certain days a week. The Denny’s on Shary in Mission does offer kids eat free every Monday through Thursday, from 4 to 10. It’s probably a good idea to call before you get there to be sure! 🙂

    • Lisa R, You are right about checking ahead! Even with national chains, some restaurants have the option of participating or not. Others have occasional specials or online promotions via email lists and websites, so those haven’t been included here. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Firehouse Subs doesn’t offer any kids eat free promotion on Sunday. At least the location in Sharyland doesn’t. And Texas Roadhouse is not open for lunch, so kids eat free after 3pm. Other than that, thanks so much for this compilation! Summer time can be expensive when your whole family is home.

  3. Hello, I was just wondering if you have an updated version of the kids eat free menu. I have been trying Google to find a 2016 menu but it seems that they are geographical only. Thank you though for your previous 2014 menu.


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