Mom Hair – “It’ll Grow Back”


imageAs a mom to three kids, you’d think I would have the science down of growing out the “post-partum hair loss” phase of my locks.  This pregnancy was different – as none are ever identical.  With the help of prenatals, time to condition and not as much processing, my pregnancy hair was long, shiny, strong and healthy. Through the baby delivery and a couple weeks of post-partum roller-coaster adjustments, my magazine-quality hair lasted through newborn photo sessions and several family visits. Then it happened – as it had the last two pregnancies, the bundles of hair on the floor, in the shower drain and daily through my fingers and comb. Day in and day out, my hair continued to escape and my pony tail grew thinner and thinner.

Usually by the time my babies reached 10 months, my then, still crazy hormones, would adjust and my hair would stop falling out and I would start to see some new hairs grow back, the “chia-pet” hair phase my girlfriend would call it.  This time was different. Baby S. had celebrated his 1st birthday, Thanksgiving was over and the Christmas holidays were upon us, meaning Baby S. was well past 15 months and my hair continued to fall out in large amounts. I did have some new growth, but not enough to compensate for the daily waste in the trash.  I decided to go in and cut my hair short, the angled bob to be exact; I loved it. Great cut, easy to style, chic and still sexy, but my hair continued to fall out.  I restarted the prenatal vitamins, in hopes of stimulating something that was still unbalanced with my baby hormones.  Nothing…   At baby’s 18 months, I went in for a “trim” and told my hairdresser to just “cut it short!”  He did, cut, short.  I mean short! Think Demi Moore in Ghost or more so, Claire Underwood in House of Cards.  Super short and I loved it even more (and the Husband loved it too).  Nothing like the short cut, mom gave me as a 2nd grader, YIKES…2nd grade

Yes I do still have hair loss, but the evidence is less.  I actually have my annual ob/gyn appointment this week to have all my blood work done to ensure all is ok, which I’m sure is fine, but better safe than sorry.  My doctor has assured me that everything is probably fine, just that my body takes longer to adjust to the trauma that having a baby does to our bodies.  “You’re old now,” he said quite matter-of-factly.  I never had stopped to think that my age would have something to do with this. I was 35 when I delivered my 3rd, only 12 years after I had my 1st baby back on 9/11/2001.  WOW – still can’t believe it’s been that long!   Women’s bodies are meant to have babies in the late teens and early twenties I was informed.  Our bodies bounce back easier at that young age; can you imagine??

I have realized now, that I am such a better mom at ahem, 36 than I was at 22.  More patient and more present to enjoy the little things babies, toddlers and preschoolers do and the wonder they experience daily.  I was bragging on Baby #3 recently to my mom, saying how he is such a wonderful baby until she responded, “a better baby or a better mommy?”  AMAZING how mom’s still know everything, right.  Basically, the point of this is, if there is something that is causing you stress, such as in my case, hairloss, CUT IT OFF, get rid of it, take a break from it, walk away for a sec, if it’s necessary – IT WILL GROW BACK.

Society’s obsession with long, beach-wave hair like the Victoria’s Secret models, is  unrealistic for a lot of new moms, we, moms and women have to do what is best for our family and sanity.  After all, it’s just hair and our babies don’t care what length it is, how much grey we have or whether we’ve had time to flatiron it, they just love us, unconditionally.

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HOWDY! My name is Erica. I am a mom to 3 amazing kiddos: Alex (12), Emma (7) and Sevy (1). Together with my amazing, loving & most importantly patient husband, Marcos, we live in McAllen, Texas. I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for McAllen ISD, the Texas Lyceum & have served on the Tropical Texas Behavioral Health Board, as well as the RGV Food Bank Board of Directors. In 2013, I was a co-chair for the Cattle Baron’s Ball benefiting the American Cancer Society where our committee raised almost 100K for the cause. We love to spend time at South Padre Island, Texas when we have a little free time, but mostly love to veg at home with the kiddos on the couch.


  1. I agree with Erica, I too have 3 children and have been wearing my hair short for over a year now. My 9 year old recently asked me to let it grow again, which I intended to do, then I saw this picture of Erica on her fb post and decided “no way I’m going to cut it off!” It’s true it’s just hair. As a kid I lived in pixie cuts and always wondered why my mom kept it so short, and one she was a hair dresser, two I think she wanted me to be her mini me and three, she simply didn’t want to mess with it. I went through the long hair phase as a teenager and adult and I often found myself making my girls look perfect leaving me only enough time to pull it back in a ponytail. I feel short hair allows me to style it every day only taking 5 minutes vs. the usual 20-30 minutes! So chop it off! It grows back!

  2. I relate to this post quite a bit. I have to admit it felt good when I went short post-3rd baby. But unfortunately (and oddly enough) seems to be more work for me when I go short. I have that poofy type of wavy hair that, if not styled, can feel ugly around your neck. So my best no-hassle style of hairdo is “long enough to weigh it all down”. But I wear my grey hairs proudly these days! (Ok, maybe not proudly, but I wear them.)

  3. I love your new cut Erica! I am going through the same phase with my hair. Trying to build up the courage to cut it all off!

  4. This post is so true! I’m another that has experienced big changes in my hair over the course of three pregnancies. I went from ringlets to a relaxed wave and have had to learn how to style my hair all over again. Let’s not forget those crazy baby hairs that insist on doing their own thing. A short cut is likely in the future… when I build up enough courage. Thanks, Erica!


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