10 Days of #RGVMomsBlog (Instagram Challenge)

First Ten Days of Blogging!


One thing I am most excited about in joining this group of fantastic women and mom bloggers is the common grounds we all have in our experiences AND the drastic differences we have all gone through as well. It feels like a blessing to know that we have something to provide for the community, a place to share ideas and stories, happy times or woes, and all things real for other moms (or moms-to-be).

To kick-start the fun, and bring us together, we are blasting off this blog launch with an Instagram Challenge!

Join us for our first Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram. Use hash tag #rgvmomsblog when following the challenge and follow us on Instagram at @rgvmomsblog to join in on the fun!

Here are our daily themes, starting Thursday, February 20, 2014, for the first ten days of blogging.

  1. new
  2. family
  3. pink or blue
  4. yummy
  5. rgv
  6. crazy
  7. relax
  8. smile
  9. note
  10. mom

How to join our challenge?

  • Take a photo on Instagram (or on your phone, then repost through Instagram).
  • Follow the “theme of the day” on our list of 1-10. (New, Family, …)
  • In the caption of your photo, be sure to include #rgvmomsblog
  • TAG US on instagram @rgvmomsblog
  • Share it on Instagram and Facebook
  • Click on your posted hash tag to see what others have seen through their lenses!

Not on Instagram? You can participate in the fun on Facebook by using the hash tag #rgvmomsblog in your caption and TAG US (RGV Moms Blog).

Happy snapping!!!




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