A Letter to my Daughter


Dearest Klarissa,

Today the nation mourned the loss of 26 victims of a horrible tragedy on Friday, December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary.  You are only one year old and so far from your school years, but I can’t help but imagine what those parents must be feeling.

As I watched the news earlier this evening, I cried.  I cried from the pain in my heart as it broke for those families who can’t begin to comprehend why this has happened.  As I cried you so sweetly looked up at me, while playing with your toys, with a smile on your face.  When you realized I was crying, your smile began to fade and your eyes looked sad.  You looked sad to see tears rolling down my face.  It’s as though you understood that my heart felt pain.  You are my daughter; the person that has brought most meaning to my life, the person that brings a smile to my face even on the days when I’m frustrated and tired.  You and I have a bond like no other and I am so blessed in the life with you.

As I held you a little tighter today, I prayed that I never have to face losing you.  I asked God that He bring warmth to your heart knowing you have two loving parents who adore you, and that some day you will get to become a mother and know the love I have for you, and I prayed that you never have to experience the loss those families are feeling tonight.  My dearest Klarissa, tonight I pray for those families in Newtown and for you, that the good Lord keep you safe in His hands.

I love you more than you know.




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