Gender Reveal Parties – It’s a ?????


Gender Reveal parties have fast become a very hot baby shower theme. I saw it hit late 2011 in blogs such as Hostess with the Mostess (if you don’t ever read this blog, it is a MUST for all you party-throwers!) So what are they and how do they work?

Gender reveal parties are a modern way to share the news of the baby’s gender with friends and family. Sometimes the expecting parents are aware of the baby’s sex beforehand, and sometimes, even they are completely surprised. The gender can be revealed in many different ways, such as inside of the cake (pink for girl & blue for boy), with balloons, cake pop lotteries, and unwrapping a baby’s outfit.

Because this is Baby #3 for us and I had the boy/girl pair going into this pregnancy, the sex of Baby #3 wasn’t as big a deal as trying for a girl after having a boy. I also didn’t want it to be a Baby Shower but more of a family dinner party. First thing I did was turn to Pinterest for inspiration. (Love, love Pinterest! If you haven’t yet fallen into the virtual inspiration board trap, what are you waiting for!? You have countless hours of meaningless internet searching ahead of you!!)

Aside from the Mama and Wife hat I wear daily, I also wear that of Designer, namely invitations and stationery (and iPhone cases too!). First thing I designed was the sealed note in which our OBGYN would reveal the contents of Baby’s sex. I call this note the Gender Reveal OBGYN’s Note or Gender Reveal Ultrasound Technician’s Note.

Sealed Envelope


I mentioned above that there were a few different ways in which to reveal the gender to everyone. We decided to go with the balloons out of a box, but with a twist. We decided to use a toy chest we have had for over 10 years. We handed the note over to a friend for safe-keeping. She (and her sweet husband) would be the only ones to know the contents of that little letter as they were also the friends we asked to purchase the right colored balloons and set it all up. The suspense almost killed us!!!!

I made my usual, staple food items: Texas chicken salad, raspberry sweet tea, and strawberry romannoff.

The Spread


I had Roberta from CC’s Sweets and Tweets make the balloon macaroons. They were so cute!

The Balloon Macaroons by CC’s Sweets and Tweets


Invitations, stickers, water bottle labels and the pennant banner were made by me, Then Comes Paper.

The Invitations by Then Comes Paper


The Pennant Banner by Then Comes Paper


And of course, without Melinda and Roslyn this would not have been possible! They made it all come together by helping set it all up and Melinda, a professional photographer also took the photos.

The Conspirators and Mommy-To-Be

And of course, time for the BIG REVEAL!!! AND,……

IT’S A….

I can’t tell you how happy it makes my heart to see the surprise on everyone’s face when those balloons flew out. Hiring a photographer (Melinda of 4Ever After Photography) to capture it was probably some of the best money I have ever spent!



Photography: 4Ever After Photography
Balloon Macaroons: CC’s Sweets and Tweets
Paper Straws: DKDeleKtables on Etsy
Wooden Spoons: DIYgirlz on Etsy
Berry Boxes: Think Garnish
Daisy Mason Jar Lids: Shop Sweet Lulu
Paper Goods: {First Comes Love} Then Comes Paper




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