Cari Lambrecht

Cari Lambrecht
Cari is a blondey Rio Grande Valleyite whose least favorite question is “Are you from here?” Sure, her parents may have hailed from Iowa, but she was born and raised in Deep South Texas, y’all. Cari is the mother of two sweet, dangerously smart girls, Lorelei, 4, and Adeline, 4 months, and of husband, Nathan. Yes, you read that right (just kidding, babe). Cari, a former journalist, works full-time as the public relations coordinator for South Texas Health System and is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration. For a time, she owned her own cloth diaper business, Green Cheeks. This perfectionist is a chronic overachiever and over committer, taking pride in projects she takes on. When she’s not mommy-ing, working or studying, Cari enjoys running on 2nd Street, whipping up the occasional fancy meal, watching comedy shows and binging on Breaking Bad/OITNB Netflix episodes, and taking all kinds of trips, especially to national parks and other areas of natural beauty.

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