Alyssa is mother to Emily age 6 who wants to grow up to be America's first female president, but is more interested in wearing lipstick and has won "Most Fashionable" two years in a row. Meanwhile, Alyssa is learning to balance life and being a single mommy. She is interested in family finance, staying fit and finding ways to bring families closer together. Along with RGV Moms Blogs you can find her writings in Beyond Arts Magazine and RGVision Magazine. Alyssa serves her community as a Provisional with the Junior League of McAllen and serves on the board of TEDxMcAllen.

Celebrating 7!!!

As moms, we give our lives to our little ones with pride, but getting through the day with a baby by our side is sometimes a struggle. We all have our challenges. I'm in...
Teaching Money Management

3 Jars, 1 Goal: Teaching Money Management

Your kids are never too young to learn money management. Dr. Phil had a great saying: “You’re raising adults, not children.” Remember when you received your first paycheck, only to realize that just a fraction of it...
fitness at home

Balancing Body and Baby: My Top YouTube Fitness Channels

I love staying healthy and moving my body. I love yoga, taking fitness classes at the gym and just finding ways to stay active. But as a working, single momma, this is tough. An...
Masa Memories RGV Moms Blog

Masa Memories: Tamales, Tradition and the Importance of the Table

  The air is always crisp.  The kitchen is always cramped.  And chisme is always plentiful. Making tamales at my grandma’s house is a yearly Christmas tradition that brings my large and multi-generational family together...
Mobile Apps for Season Savings

Must-Have Apps to Save Money this Holiday Season

It’s the Holidays!!!  Family fun and good cheer to all!!!  The holidays are magical in a kid’s life.  Memories are forged forever.  The holidays should be filled with time for our family, friends and...

I Just Want to Say: Mommy Purse

The other day I was at a birthday party.  It was in someone’s living room, so some mommies had congregated on the carpet with their babies.  One of the babies became fussy so I...

I Just Want to Say: Freebies!!!

I wanted to be a teacher so I could stay home with my kids during the summer, like a pseudo-stay-at-home mom.  I love it!  Only two weeks into summer vacation and if I ever...