My Mmmcation: The Ultimate Momcation


For the first time, in a long time, I took an Mmmcation — a much needed momcation. I treated myself to birthday tickets to see Hanson on their Wintry Mix tour in Austin, and it was Mmmagical.

Using my Momcation Voucher

It was a whirlwind trip sans kids, sans husband — just me, on an airplane, going to see my band. Twenty-two years of passionately following a band does something to you, inside your very core. It’s like a hot, molten center that erupts from tiny volcanoes every. single. time you hear their music, or see them live.

I don’t know how many Hanson concerts I’ve been to since 1997, but I do know that using my momcation voucher for them — even if only once in a while — is worth it.

Sometimes it’s good to refresh. Reset. Motherhood is hard. It’s something we work at constantly to get better. Just like anything else in life, we (moms, collectively) need short breaks to come back revitalized and ready to mom on!

This freshly turned 35-year old me feels 14 again when I hear Taylor Hanson belt out his incomprehensible, yet swoon-worthy lyrics. I still get goosebumps, and tears, and flutters of joy when I hear my favorite songs.

The Good Exhaustion

At the end of my trip, when my plane landed in Harlingen, I was exhausted — but the kind of exhaustion that coat-tails on the end of a musical high. The good exhaustion! I felt rejuvenated as a mommy and I couldn’t wait to go home and see my three babies!

Hanson has been my one constant in life. When I was pining over unrequited Middle School crushes, or navigating the awkward High School phase, Hanson was there. When my life fell apart, mid-college, *and* when my life pieced itself together in adulthood with marriage and children, Hanson was there.

This was the best (birthday) momcation my husband and in-laws could have ever given me. I knew my kids were taken care of, loved, and safe, and I got to have the time of my life with my best friend of 27 years (bonus perk to the momcation).

Find Your Hanson

I hope all of y’all can find your passion — find your Hanson, and go and be free! Enjoy yourself sans kids, sand husband (even if for a day) for your own tiny adventure.

Go have your own ultimate Mmmcation! You won’t regret it. 🙂


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