11 Locations Every Lower Valley Mom Needs to Know About


Two years ago, I posted about the 11 reasons I loved Los Fresnos, now that we’ve celebrated our two year live-a-versary (move-a-versary?) I wanted to update that list to our most current 11 favorite places and activities in the Lower RGV.

11 Locations Every Lower Valley Mom Needs to Know About (in alphabetical order)

  1. Allegro Ballet School – We stumbled on Allegro by chance, and we seriously could not have found a better dance studio for my kids. If you’re still looking for a studio for the fall, this is the place!
    Allegro Ballet School
  2. Chick-Fil-A on Ruben Torres  – Brownsville offers several Chick-Fil-A locations, but Ruben Torres is the best! Sorry Morrison and Boca Chica.
  3. Children’s Museum of Brownsville – 1 word, AWESOME.
  4. Gladys Porter Zoo – I don’t think we’ll ever stop being a member here. My kids love it, and my husband and I love it. They always have fun activities and races, and fun experiences.
  5. High Velocity Gymnastics – While we no longer attend this gym (timing conflicts), my daughter has really enjoyed the classes here. The coaches are super patient, and they have a super cute meet at the end of the year for all the gymnasts. My daughter participated for the last two years and the enthusiasm and effort they put into it was phenomenal. Bring your own leo, and tumble away!
  6. MOPS – Brownsville – I took a long hiatus from MOPS during my third pregnancy. I was the most sick I’ve ever been during pregnancy with HG, and I could barely get myself out of bed, much less to MOPS. BUT, I’ve loved being back post-baby and they welcomed me with open arms. This is the mom tribe you didn’t even know you needed.
  7. Mr. Gattis on Ruben Torres – The Frog Hopper Ride and the baby carousel are EVERYTHING. My kids are obsessed.
  8. Schlitterbahn on SPI – It took us two years to explore this water park, and my kids LOVED it. I was worried about taking such young kids (11 months, 2.5 and 5), but it ended up being perfect for their age group. They had a lovely outdoor kids area. I even got a short momcation — while my husband took the older two to float, I stayed back for a brain freeze while baby nursed and napped. 
  9. Sea Turtle Inc.Let’s Explore: Sea Turtle, Inc. | RGV Moms Blog  – Sea Turtle Inc is educational and FUN!
  10. Sunrise Mall Carousel – My daughter told me I had to include this one, so there you go. The carousel is “the BESTEST!”.
  11. Sunrise Mall Movie Theater – Perfect for daddy daughter dates to see the latest Disney movie.

So, tell me your lower valley favorites? I know there’s so much left for my family to explore and do and try. 


  1. As some one who came from Indiana, with the worlds biggest children’s museum, we LOVED the Brownsville Children’s Museum. We live in Madison WI now and I’m so disappointed in our local museum for my kids. And my kids always had to get the punch balloons after riding the carousel.


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