To All the Great Moms: I’m Sending You a #MomtoMomSmile This Spring


To the moms who live on little sleep. To the moms who kiss the booboos. To the moms who stay up late, wake up early, carpool, work or stay home, feed pureés, do baby-led-weaning, you are a good mom! Scratch that. You are a GREAT MOM!

If you remember, a mere two months ago I shared my experience with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. And while I continue to keep moving upwards, I feel like it’s left a very sensitive spot in my soul.

I’ve become hyper-aware of the things that people post online and say in real life. And yes, I’m also very guilty of the side-eyes and comments. For that, I apologize to the universe; sometimes it takes being on the other side of the judgment to realize the repercussions of simple statements.

If you breastfeed or formula feed, you are a good mom.

If you cloth diaper or use disposable diapers, you are a good mom!

If you don’t take your kid to the expensive water park every day, you are a good mom! 

If your newborn sleeps in a baby box or a crib, you are a good mom!

If your toddler can count to three, or count to 5,522, you are a good mom!

Hey Mom, You Do You!

We are all individual moms, who all do things a little bit different, and that is 500% okay. What is right for you and your kids, may not be right for the next mom.

If a child falls and hits his knee:
Mommy A may put a band-aid on it.
Mommy B may sing “sana sana colita de rana”
Mommy C may kiss the boo boo,
But at the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that all the mommies cured all the boo boos, and made their children feel safe and loved.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to think about what you say or post and how you say it. Not because the world is full of “snowflakes.” Not because of “sensitive sally’s.” But because kindness is a virtue, and we could all use a little bit more of it in our lives.

Hey Mom, Let’s Show Grace!

A dear friend of mine is experiencing heartache because of another mom who keeps making backhanded comments to her in real life. Making light of anxieties, and shaming her for financial situations, and comparing my friend’s toddler’s intelligence to her own child. She even shamed her for not attending an event that was labeled “not for pregnant women” when she is pregnant! How awful is it to simply protect the very life growing inside of you and have a “friend” make you feel guilty for saying “no.” It’s incredibly upsetting to hear.

The only real advice I have for her is to keep truckin’ on. Keep being the great mom that I know she is.

This post isn’t about one particular person, or one particular instance. This is about an accumulation of things that I have witnessed. A couple of weeks ago, I took my kids to Little D’s Indoor Play in Harlingen. It was a wonderful time!

This beautiful mom was following her sweet toddler son around (as moms do) and she kept apologizing for him. In the hour we were there, I think she apologized for him about 20 times. She kept telling me, “I”m sorry. He’s autistic.” He was a sweet little boy. He wasn’t hurting anyone. Truth be told, I never would have known of his diagnosis had she not told me. What made me upset was the fact that someone, somewhere, sometime must have made her feel bad, or like she *HAD* to apologize for her son.

Spring is about new beginnings, and I have a challenge for you this spring. If you are one of the moms who runs on sarcasm, side-eyes and mom lectures, pick a day, any day to put the side-eyes away and send a smile instead. You just might like it. And if you don’t like it, well then, you do you, but perhaps that one single day of smiles made another mom feel worthwhile.

From one mom to another, sending you a #momtomomsmile. You are a good mom.


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