Magical Green Holiday Juice!


Can I let you in on a little Christmas secret? I like to call it my Magical Green Holiday Juice. All around the interwebs, hundreds of testimonials are floating around cyberspace claiming that celery is the new miracle herb!  I was introduced to the concept by a dear friend, Jenn, who claimed to see results after only two weeks. 

How does it work? Implementing it is fairly simple:

6 oz. Celery Juice Recipe

  • One stalk of celery, and one juicer (or a blender)
  • Rinse the celery stalk and juice it as per the instructions on your juicer, OR roughly chop it up with about ½ c of water and toss it in the blender. Strain the pulp out. Bottoms up!

That’s It? Are You Kidding Me?

For optimal health benefits, drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and wait at least fifteen minutes before consuming anything else. My husband would like to add, if the flavor is a bit tough to handle in the beginning, cut it with some apple, carrots or any other fruit or veggie you prefer. The ideal amount to drink is sixteen ounces. Because I have a naturally sensitive stomach, I am slowly working my way up to that.

“Why would I want to do this?” you may be wondering. I had the same initial thought.

Jenn gave me a small sample when I visited her home a couple of weeks ago and immediately asked, “What do you think?”

“Well, it tastes like drinking celery…” I replied.

And I’ve been hooked ever since!

The Miracle of Celery Juice

I was highly skeptical at first, as I am about most fads that claim to have healing powers. I decided to follow Anthony Williams (known as medicalmedium) on Instagram. An author of many health-related books and the “originator of the global celery juice movement,” he shares celery juice testimonies and food facts each day.

The more I researched, the more excited I was to get started! Over and over again, I saw photos of real people and their progress; healing from issues like bloated gut and other stomach conditions, psoriasis and other skin ailments, thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and the list goes on.

Through modifying my diet earlier this year, I was able to reverse the hypothyroid diagnosis I received in January. Since the age of fourteen, however, I have struggled with PLC (Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica), a rare skin condition that resembles bug bites on my arms and legs. It does not affect my torso or face, and does not hurt or itch. It’s simply a little unpleasant to look at.

Twenty plus years later, I had long lost hope that I would ever be cured of it. I tried topical ointments, oral steroids, phototherapy, praying, and the sun and saltwater in the summers (this was the most helpful).

Each time, I would have a small break, only to relapse a few months later. My condition is worst in the winter, with the lesions getting so bad on my legs that I am unable to shave without cutting myself.

A Christmas Miracle

Guess what?! That has not been the case so far this year (the real test will be in January and February)! After about two weeks of drinking celery juice in the mornings, my skin is much clearer! I have been shaving without a problem; a small feat for most, but huge accomplishment for me during this season. I recently looked at the underside of my arms in amazement because I could see my veins. It may sound strange, but it is near miraculous when I am accustomed to seeing those veins covered in sporadic spots.

An added bonus: those final pesky pounds I have been trying to shed are finally slowly disappearing!

I hesitate to speak too soon, but this may be the Christmas miracle I have waited for!  Stay tuned. And please, go try some magical green holiday juice for yourself!

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Giana Gallardo Hesterberg is a native RGV (Brownsville) mom. After graduating from Central College in Pella, Iowa (2004) with a degree in Elementary Education, and residing in the midwest for 7 years, she returned to her roots and married her love. Happily married for 9 years (to Beau), with 3 children (Jack-7, Cecily-4, and Felicity-2) and 1 dog (Hershey, a Chocolate Lab), she is currently living the dream. She is a teacher for VIPKID, a company that trains American teachers to teach ESL to Chinese students online. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, gardening, baking, traveling, and dancing to 80’s music whenever and wherever it’s played! She has written for Woman’s World, The Mighty, Earnest and God-sized Dreams.


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