You May Be Having a South Texas Winter If . . .


We all love winter in South Texas, right? It’s a special time of year when you can walk outside without your glasses fogging up, and your electric bill gives you just enough of a break to make Christmas presents a reality.

Out of nowhere it will started to feel like spring (or maybe summer), and then it’s right back to surprise cool(er) temps. While many of our City Moms Blog Network sister sites are still in the throes of chilly temperatures and frozen precipitation, we, in the Rio Grande Valley, are thoroughly enjoying one of the best times of the year! Read below for a list of all the things our Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog contributors love about RGV winters.

You May Be Having a South Texas Winter If…

1. You had no idea that winter doesn’t actually end until March 20th. Really. Look it up.


2. Your kids don’t actually have a winter coat, so when it’s cold, you throw a blanket over their head and tell them to hurry.

3. You made it through the entire winter without turning on the heat (well, maybe not this year…).

4. You busted out your bufanda and boots the first day the highs were in the 70s. And then you died of heat stroke.

5. You breathe a sigh of contentment that you got to wear your sweater more than once this year.

6. You crave pan dulce the second it gets cloudy or rainy.

7. You thought winter was a code word for tamales. 

8. You rejoice in an hour of snowfall that completely melts an hour later, and you call it an epic snow day.

9. You had to convince your kids to go outside and play in the snow because it probably won’t happen again while they’re living under your roof.

10. You tell your kids to put on their jacket because it’s chilly outside, and by chilly, you mean 65. “Kids. It’s going to be a cold day. Wear long sleeves with your shorts.”

11. You look forward to winter because you can finally get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

12. Most Christmases are spent in shorts.

13. You’re excited for the very very (VERY) brief break from mosquitoes.

14. Your kids went outside and rode their new Christmas bikes in shorts, chanclas and a coat.

15. You cringe at the thought of an ugly sweater Christmas party. 

16. You think winter means fresh citrus and discounted hotel rooms at the Island.

17. You’ve made homemade ice cream to celebrate the first day of 100 degree temperatures of the year…in February (true story)!

18. You made caldo and Abuelita Hot Chocolate one day and grabbed a raspa the next.

19. You can’t commit to buying proper coats because you just don’t think they’ll get any use, so instead you layer shirts and hoodies and send them off on a cold day.

20. Cold outside? Ok. Just put some socks on under those chanclas.

21. The only pieces of “winter clothing” you own are jeans and a super thin scarf.

22. You pack up your kids’ winter clothes in February, because it’s February, and then the next day a cold front blows in. 



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