Self-Care: 5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day


Every Valentine’s Day, pre-marriage, pre-kids, I remember sitting and waiting for something wonderful to happen. A Prince Charming, straight out of Cinderella’s fairy-tale would come and sweep me off my feet and buy me a 30-ton box of chocolates, with the biggest, cheesiest, singing card known to mankind. He’d basically buy me all the chocolate covered strawberries and peonies, and we’d ride off into the sunset. Insert five laugh emojis here.

Now that I am a wife and mom, my Valentine’s Day ideals have changed drastically. This year, my husband will be working, and like most holidays, I will be home alone with the kids. I suppose I could sit home and sulk, but I decided to love myself this year with a little bit of self-care.

5 Ways for Moms to Practice Self-Care on Valentine’s Day

Love your soul.

Do something for you! For me, this was contacting a literary agent regarding an old novel that I dug out of my digital trash. Pre-kids, I used to write an awful lot. Somewhere along the way, that passion, that drive, that dream, got set aside as I navigated life as a mom and wife. For the month of February, I decided to write a series of chapter critiques and online classes, for no other reason than that it satisfies my soul.

Love your body.

Get a manicure, get a pedicure, go get your eyebrows done, get your hair done. Call a girlfriend and ask her if she can spare an hour to watch your kids while you pamper yourself. I recently got my eyebrows done for the first time in…well…I don’t think I even know. It was GLORIOUS. It’s amazing how the tiniest bit of self-care can boost your confidence.

Love your mind.

Read a good book! When the kids are all snuggled into bed, leave the dishes for the night, curl up into a ball with your hot cocoa and read. Put down the Facebook, unplug the phone, unplug the TV, and just focus on you and your book. Get lost in the story and let your brain focus on something other than cheerios and diaper blow-outs and soccer practice.

Love your heart.

Is there a better way for self-care than chocolate?!? Go buy yourself all the chocolates. Buy yourself a mountain of chocolate…and wine. Dark chocolate and red wine are good for the heart right? Well, even if they’re not…they make my heart happy.

Love your friends!

Plan a mom’s night out. Enjoy yourself! I went to my very first Mom’s Night Out last night with the Brownsville MOPS group and it was wonderful! It was so wonderful to sit around a plate of appetizers and have some much-needed adult conversation. Minus a Hanson concert in Houston with my sister in October, this was the first time since getting pregnant with my 3.5 year old that I have ever had an official “Mom’s Night Out.”

How are you going to love yourself on this holiday of hearts?

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