Throwback Thursday: Mom Hashtags


Has technology taken over our lives? It seems I can’t turn on the radio without hearing the word “HASHTAG” or “SOCIAL MEDIA” or “FOLLOW ME!” I mean, of course, I do the same. When the baby naps, I pull out my phone and check my Facebook notifications. But do you ever wonder what it was like before, like when we were being raised by our mothers and fathers?

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My husband recently got a new job, so we moved to Austin, Texas this past summer. We’ve gotten invited to a FEW BBQ’s in our neighborhood, which I must say, never happened back in the valley. I was talking to one of our new neighbors about how much work it is being a stay-at-home mom/dad and that it’s also one of the hardest jobs.

Then an older lady, who was actually babysitting her grandchildren, overheard our conversation and giggled! She said we have it so much easier now, how we turn to social media for everything! From advice, to recipes and even how to clean! She went on and on as to how ridiculous it is, and we agreed, and then the conversation took a turn and we started talking about hashtags and how amazing they are. It was a great afternoon and gave me my inspiration for this post.


We asked our new elderly friend, we’ll call her “Penny,” if she knew what a hashtag is. She had some idea, but pretty much it’s the thing to do when you’re sharing something on social media nowadays. It’s a way to let other people interested in that topic find what you are sharing. For example, the top hashtag in August and September was #Eclipse2017. So, if anyone wants to go back and look at photos or see what people were saying about the eclipse, they just type that into one of the many social media sites to see what pops up.

Which brought me to another idea… I thought it would be fun to go back in time and imagine what hashtags would have been popular 50 years ago, in 1967! But first, lets see what popular hashtags our contributors love to use today.

Hashtags of 2017:









I think most of us can agree that being a stay-at-home mom in the 1950’s was a lot more work. They put more pressure on themselves, as did the media. That’s how I came up with a few hashtags I think the mothers of that era would have been using if they’d had social media outlets during their time.

Hashtags of 1967:






And the rebel housewife…. #icantwaittogobacktowork

All in all, the schedule of the day was somewhat similar to what stay-at-home moms do now, just the way that it got done was different. For example, there were no washers or dryers, so many boiled water, hauled it to their washing station and then hung it outside to dry; backbreaking work, to say the least. Back then, shopping had to be done pretty much daily because they may have had an ice box or fridge, but no freezers. (I sure am thankful to have the appliances to help us out, aren’t you?)

What other hashtags do you think would have been popular in the past? Share them in the comments below!



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