Thank You, Moms!


Thank You Moms

Thank you…


Thank you for the many hours

The selfless acts

The sacrifices

The constant pull of responsibility.


You have served your family

And your work is never done.

You are the glue that keeps everyone together.

You are the meal planner, car driver, advice giver,

House cleaner, organizer, helper, and last to eat.

You are the food scraper, diaper-changing, dish-washing,

Poop-cleaning, extraordinaire.


Days are long and nights are short.

The work is much and the gratitude feels little.

But let me assure you mammas…


All of your work, all of your sacrifice, and all of your commitment-

It means something… no, it means everything.

Without you it is a house, but with you it is a home.

Your kids may not have the words right now,

But we have a few.

You are doing a good job mamma.


Don’t let the world’s false sense of

Perfection distract you from the

Important work you’re already doing!

Or anyone else’s opinion of what it

Means to be successful.


No one can love your kids like you.

No one.


Keep on giving, living, loving, and serving.

It is all worth it.

I promise.


As we celebrate moms this month

And all year long

We applaud you.

Well done mammas!


And if you haven’t heard it in a while…

Thank you.



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