2017: New Year, New Goals!


Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? How about a list of goals or even a bucket list? Whatever your method for getting motivated, we applaud your efforts! 

These are just a few of the goals our team of contributors will be working this year. Some are small but lofty, others are all about mindset… and a lot are about running! Cheers to 2017!

Our personal ambitions for this year: 

1) Be nicer
2) Less eye rolling
3) Cook more homemade meals


Paying down debt. I’m taking this month to budget every month of this year, so we are sure to stay on track. I’ve budgeted January thru May so far!

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Stop saying yes to everyone and everything for fear of being judged. Also, get healthier. I’m doing that by getting some of my meals prepped (print a handy meal planner here!).

Get organized and get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t matter or doesn’t have a place. Run a mile a day (average). Show my kids that mama can cook, as I am realizing they don’t think I stand a chance against take-out.

I only have one! Train for a 10k (summer causeway summer run)

(We’d like to add that this mama just had her 4th baby.  Clearly, she can do anything! Also, there’s a race coming up in Port Isabel next weekend!)

Get organized, get back into running & working out, eat better, having set writing days, being more intentional with my kids (more present), teach my daughter to cook, drive, and do laundry… And I’m gonna start on Monday!!

My short term goals are to: organize one place in my home daily….baby steps make a huge difference. Also, on a personal level, I’m attempting to be out socially once a month (to help remind myself I am more than just a mom 😳)


1) To NOT let anxiety override the list of everything that needs to get done. 

2) To win over the actual people right in front of me.

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I am having the Great Purge of 2017. Planning a garage sale very soon. Our closets are brimming over with stuff we don’t use. Time to get rid of it! On a personal note: Paying more attention to nutrition. More fruits/veggies for me!

My big goal is to focus on my relationship with my spouse! Date nights, conversations, etc. I also want to live a more minimalistic lifestyle (don’t buy it unless I need it!).  My final goal is to “get professional” about working from home— business cards, updated site, etc

Seems totally doable, right? Tell us what you’re committing (or recommitting) to in the new year. We’d love to share some motivation!

Post your 2017 Goals in the comments below!



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Renee K.
Hi. I’m Renee. Last year, I left my full-time job in New York, moved back home to Texas, bought a house, and popped out my first baby. Luckily, I did this all with my awesome husband and our totally bewildered cat. Now that we’re living in the RGV, I’m getting to know a whole new side of Texas— which I love. I also love my little girl, public libraries, fresh margaritas, adult conversation, and anything funny or satirical. (I used to love sleeping, but I think we all know that’s a lost cause.) When I’m not adjusting to life with a toddler, I'm working from home as a freelance copywriter. Oh, and downing copious amounts of iced coffee.


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