Coffee Talk with RGV Moms [11.18.2016]

Coffee Talk with RGV Moms Blog

Welcome to Coffee Chat with the RGV Moms Blog! 

Anastasia, Renee, and Vanessa went live on Facebook this morning to chat with you about our recent blog posts, some great events happening this month around the RGV, and a sneak peek at some unique gift ideas.

Consider this our virtual coffee date, so pour yourself a hot cup (or cold if that’s your preference) and let’s chat!

As a testament to true #MomLife there was one little (big) hiccup somewhere in the middle, but this is real life and you’re welcome for the entertainment. No filters. No editing. Just real life.

It would be amazing to be able to meet up in person and chat with all of you every week!  If we did, it might go a little something like this:


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