Bloom 2016 :: Share Your #RGVBloomMoment


It’s no coincidence that April, the first full month of Spring, is the month we host Bloom, our big event for new and expectant mothers.

The event itself is all about informing, connecting, and celebrating new moms. Which got us thinking… why not make this the month we celebrate ALL our fabulous RGV Moms?

And thus, the #RGVBloomMoment was born.

What’s your Bloom Moment?

bloom moment

Whether you’re a budding mother or  already in full bloom, we want to see a photo of you, in a moment of real mom glory.

Share a photo of your #RGVBloomMoment on Instagram and nominate your RGV mom friends to do the same!

*Don’t forget to use #RGVBloomMoment*


Maybe it’s hiking Bentsen State Park. Or a family day on the island. It could be you or your family working, playing, or even just enjoying the sun in your own backyard.

Find a photo that represents what it’s like to be a mom in the RGV and share it with us!

Share your #RGVBloomMoment on Instagram!

Nominate your friends to do the same.


Bloom RGV April 30 2016

Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog is excited to bring you Bloom 2016 :: A New & Expectant Mom Brunch! We always welcome moms in all seasons of their motherhood journey but will have a specific emphasis on expectant and newborn mamas for this event. We promise you won’t want to miss this one!

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