5 Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays


Money Saving Tips for the Holidays
Who doesn’t get excited about the holidays? But most of the time, parents also dread the cost. As a mom of three girls I always keep my eyes open for a great deals. Well, I have some great tips to share with you about how to help you save this holiday season. It will sure help you enjoy the holiday season almost as much as your kids.

  1. SAVE! Set up a savings account NOW! Stop what you are doing and go to the bank. Ask your bank if they have a piggy bank (for kids) or just set up a regular savings account. When your kids get money for good grades, allowance they can have a percentage sent to their savings account. Then when the time comes they have their own “Christmas Budget!”
  2. SHOP YEAR ROUND! Don’t wait till the last minute. Yes, there will definitely be some great deals as we get closer to the holidays but you will be competing against all the other late shoppers. Don’t forget the clearance section too! Some great places to look is Amazon and Target. Be sure to download the Target Cartwheel app, every day through December 25th there will be a different toy deal at 50% off! Also check out this post on more money-saving apps that are extremely useful!
  3. IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS! Something that tpwd-logo-largeis getting popular are “Experience Gifts!” These gifts are ones that keep on giving. Some include camping trips, museum memberships or season tickets to their favorite team. We usually get our girls small gifts and then a big gift for each of them. But this year we decided to get a Texas State Park Pass for the whole family! Did you know there are over 90 state parks in Texas! And it’s only $70!
  4. HOLIDAY MEALS! When it comes to planning those big family meals during the holiday I usually turn to couponing. Combining a coupon with a great sale is key. Stocking up is equally important. Grocery stores or club stores can help you save on frozen or canned veggies. I usually stock-up (10-20 cans) when they are $.25/can! (Stock up on pumpkin now for some pumpkin rolls and pancakes post-Thanksgiving!) It’s easy, just make a list, grab your favorite stores weekly ad and the Sunday Newspaper. Don’t buy the paper? Just visit your local library and ask them if they have a “Coupon Box,” where you can grab the coupons you need for FREE!
  5. DO-IT-YOURSELF! These type of gifts include baking, crafts and Pinterest-inspired is all the rave! Just don’t go and spend $80 for one project! Look around the house, get the kids involved and see what you can upcycle or reuse. It also gives you great satisfaction and boosts your self-esteem when you say, “I made it myself!” Plus you saved some cash, too. Follow RGV Moms Blog on Pinterest if you aren’t already! Did you see Stephanie’s post with the most adorable Tom Turkey Craft? It would serve as a great gift for anyone, don’t you think?
    You have been warned!

Which tip are you going to give a try? Believe it or not, I already have our girls gifts ready to go! So excited to get wrapping. Now that is one thing that takes me forever, anyone have any tips for that? I hope you enjoyed these tips and will be able to keep some cash in your wallet this year and years to come.



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