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Mooshu Trainers :: First Steps with Sweet Style
RGV Moms Blog is excited to be partnering with Mooshu Trainers to bring you the following sponsored review. We believe in endorsing products we value and all opinions are genuine and 100% our own.

My baby boy just started wearing Mooshu Trainers and it has changed his life (and mine).

Mooshu-Pink-Mary-Jane-SM-PhotoThird child. The incentive to walk was in some ways greater and other ways less enticing. Big brothers do so much for him. Mommy picks him up all the time.

So naturally, shoes were not something we jumped into until they were utterly necessary.

My little cruiser finally got to the point where he was walking everywhere, so it was finally time to get some shoes on those little chubby feet to protect them from rocks, slips, and hot south Texas pavement. Only, he was really disinterested in anything and promptly ripped off socks and shoes alike.

Enter Mooshu trainers.

It was like flipping a light switch. My apathetic-towards-shoes child took his first few steps with these handsome squeakers and looked at us with a shining smile that expressed extreme surprise and enthusiasm!

Cue the walking in Mooshu trainers here. And the walking there. And more walking with shoes ON… and he didn’t stop to rip these foreign objects away from his teeny toes. Before bedtime he would pick up a shoe bring it to me and gesture with his foot in the air.

Mooshu Trainers :: First Steps with Sweet Style[quote]Mooshu Trainers is about having fun with your infant/toddler as they explore their first steps. We are committed to offering shoes that have sweet styling with a comfortable and secure fit. It’s important for little ones to want to wear their shoes and with the squeaker in the heel it not only encourages heel to toe walking but gives your child a rewarding sound to keep moving. Our goal is to provide whimsy and fun during this important milestone in you and your child’s development. Mooshu Trainers is all about celebrating the process of learning to walk to and a lifetime of joy. First steps with sweet style really speaks to our mission to have stylish, fun and comfortable shoes for those new walkers in your life.[/quote]

Squeak on. Squeak off.

These shoes can be worn anywhere. They squeak which is lots of fun for kids and can be reassuring as they learn, and parents can even remove the squeakers or replace them with non-squeakers available on their website. The Mooshu trainers are comfortable, have a save non-slip sole, come in a wide variety of styles, and make for a great first shoe.

The Mooshu trainers are available in their online shop and locally in the RGV at Southern Girl General Store in north McAllen at 6500 North 10th St Suite K-1 [Map].

Be sure and sign up for the Mooshu newsletter for a coupon code for 10% off your first order and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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