Getting Those Stains Out


As a momma to a very independent almost two year old toddler, I am no stranger to stained clothing.

Every day begins with clean clothes, and then life happens! By the end of the day, my daughter’s clothes are stained with anything and everything.

On good days, stains come out and on other days it seems like the spaghetti sauce, paint, or fruit won’t come out. To try to avoid having to toss out ruined clothing, I decided to conduct my very own (very non – scientific) experiment.
The purpose of my “experiment” was to determine if stains are more likely to come out with a stain remover or if just using plain ol’ detergent would do the same job.

Materials Needed:
Three Articles of Clothing (I used clothes my daughter had outgrown) 

Stain Culprits

Detergent & Two Different Types of Stain Removers

I began by staining the clothes.  Strawberries, paint, ketchup and chocolate in clockwise order.

4I sprayed shirt “A” with Clorox Stain Remover for Colors, shirt “B” with OxiClean Laundry, and left shirt “C” untouched.

I then proceeded to wash and dry the three articles of clothing.

The Results:


I guess there really is not a sure way to get those stains out.  It seems like OxiClean Laundry got the stains out the most but the stains were still slightly visible.  This momma will now be carrying a bib to protect my daughter’s clothes!

How do you get those tough stains out?!



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