Committing to Communicate


COMMITTINGI failed to mention in my “get to know me” section that my lifetime hero is my mother.

While, I continue to earn my stripes as a mother, she has and continues to be the supreme mom. When I learned that I was pregnant a little over two years ago, she immediately stepped right up to the plate and said I’ll watch over the baby when he/she arrives. And that is exactly what my mom has done, right by my side and when I was called to work two weeks before I had planned on returning, she was ready. Now my son has the blessing of experiencing the same type of heroic love I’ve had all my life. What a blessing!

I know that I can ALWAYS count on my hero, but the time has come to give her a break. For the past 2 months, my husband and I have been doing our research on the best childcare around town. Right when we were about to make our selection, BAM, we’re hit with a roadblock… Lex’s pediatrician advised us to keep him out of daycare environment as long as possible in order to avoid constant illnesses. She even went to the point to advise me to look for a nanny as opposed to a daycare/learning center.

Now talk about a challenge! As a working couple, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. All while experiencing the growing pains of a new school with my step-daughter, who started kindergarten at a new school this past August.

While in my mind I feel as though the “baby” has several years to go before kindergarten, I’ve already begun my research.

My husband and I recently attended fundraisers for a couple of different school districts and after leaving both of them, we shared our thoughts about the beauty of having a selection of public schools now-a-days.

In talking to seasoned parents who have tried covenant, Montessori, private, public, charter, etc., they all have one thing in common in their feedback, “My child, is this type of person, therefore this type of learner.” So what works for one, may not work for the other. Then if you take a further step back, you realize, these parents know their children. That is the key, really knowing your child and being open to the fact that they are the only ones that can truly control whatever learning environment mom or dad places them in.

The public school we are zoned to is one of or maybe the top ranking school in our local district, but I want to make sure that the public school, charter school or private school all down the street don’t have more to offer.

In my research these have been some useful sites:

While academic performance and standardized test scores are at the top of our school selection lists, there are surely other factors unique to our situation. At the end of it all, we are still tasked with making that crucial decision.

As a past employee of one of the most up-and-coming school districts within the Rio Grande Valley and now the state, there is one major concept I have taken from speaking and working alongside passionate teachers.  It really doesn’t matter the zip code, city or block you live on.  What matters is the involvement and effort we make as parents.

As our little ones learn to communicate and pick up on behavior, we must remember we are their adults.  Our children look to us for shelter, guidance and compassion in all that they do.

So take some time this coming month to go to open house and meet the teacher, share with them your child’s favorite pastime activities, strengths and weaknesses.

Have lunch with them at school every once in a while.

Write a special love note and sneak it into their binder.

Read to them at night.

Set academic goals for them.

Take some time to communicate with their teacher, coach, counselor, front desk receptionist and other parents.   A little does go a long way with our children, especially when they see us taking the time to get to know a little about their life away from us.  Most importantly communicate with them about their day, the good and the bad.

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Never is there a dull moment in her life, either working as the Business Development Officer for Texas Regional Bank or volunteering for several community organizations within Edinburg and McAllen, all while mommying. Known as momma to son Felex (2 years old) and Emoree (6 months old) and mommy to step-daughter Erin (8 years old) and best friend to husband, Alexis for the past 5 years. Between toddler trials & triumphs, soccer games & pre-school selections, Alexis and Felicia are learning to find some time to start their traveling adventures a little at a time by finally taking their honeymoon this summer. Felicia loves dancing to decade music, a good salmon and a good red wine; thank God Alexis is good at two, out of the three!


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