Special Delivery: Little Pnuts Toy Subscription Review {Giveaway}


One of my biggest fears today as a mother is raising children who rely solely on technology for entertainment. This is surprising considering nine years ago I became a mother for the first time and technology did not play a role in my life or my first born son’s. He played with toys for hours without an Iphone or Ipad nearby. I did not have WIFI readily available to quiet him down when he cried, yet, we still managed to survive. Fast forward nine years and my third born baby is surrounded by every form of technology imaginable. We have iPads, iPhones, portable DVD players, and a DVR. But now I’m realizing the value of shielding my almost two year old girl from becoming increasingly reliant on technology. I know the importance of her using her imagination and creativity. The more chances I get every day for her to disconnect from technology, the better!

When I was given the opportunity as part of the City Moms Blog Network to review a Little Pnuts Special Delivery, I couldn’t wait! My almost two year old has recently begun sorting, matching, and being more engaged while playing, so the timing was perfect. Receiving a special delivery from Little Pnuts was just what she needed!

What is Little Pnuts?

Little Pnuts is a subscription toy company that sends eco-friendly, organic toys to your front door. Little Pnuts knows the importance of play and strives to provide each child with toys that will help their development.

How Does it Work?

Little Pnuts asks for your child’s name, sex, and age. Then, Little Pnuts will send the subscriber 4 shipments per year in September, December, March, and June. Each box that you receive has 3-5 earth-friendly toys specially chosen for your child’s age. If you sign up for an annual subscription, it is $20 a month.

The Summer Special Delivery Box:

It was so exciting to receive the box in the mail addressed to my little girl. The toys were beautifully wrapped inside the box. The box clearly stated that the toys were meant for children 18-24 months. The box had an ocean theme with a fish shape sorter, a speed boat, a book titled “Wave”, and sea creature sand toys.


The Toys:

Color Shape Sorter:

I was most excited when I opened the box to see this toy. My daughter has begun to enjoy sorting and placing things inside other things so this toy was a perfect match to her current abilities. This toy needed some direction from me in order for her to use it, but also allowed us to practice her using color words.



Lily and fish

Speed Boat:

The picture on the box does not do this toy justice. It is a beautiful, wooden toy that was extremely well-made. I was excited to take it to the pool. She enjoyed playing with it and I was excited to see her using her imagination to make the boat chug around the pool.



Lily and boat



I almost squealed when I saw this book! As a former second grade teacher, I knew this book well. This wordless book was a staple in my classroom. I had to change the way I used it with my little girl though because her attention span is still pretty short for books. I pointed out things in the pictures to try and increase her vocabulary. After several days of describing the pictures in the book to her, she began saying water and birds.



reading Wave


 Sea Creature Sand Toys:

I was obviously excited to take these to the beach, but my daughter had other plans. She carries these sand toys around the house in a bag and they’ve become part of pool time and bath time. At the pool, she scoops up water in them and puts smaller items in them to float. She also likes to line them up and stack them. These sand creatures were her favorite toy from the box.

Sea Creatures

Mom and Lily



This toy subscription is so much more than a box of toys. It gave my little girl the opportunity to play with well-made, quality toys that were meant for her exact developmental age. This box of toys was just what I needed as a mom to make sure that my little one was engaged in play and not technology!

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Mom and Lily

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