Happy 4th Birthday to My Big Boy!



My oldest is turning four this month so I thought it would be fun to write him a letter for his birthday and to have him answer 20 birthday questions.

So here they are!

Dear Jack,

Four. Four years old! Where in the world has the past four years gone? It just seems like yesterday you were born five and a half weeks early and peeing all over the doctor as soon as you arrived. I remember that day like it was yesterday! Becoming your Mommy has been the greatest gift and honor anyone could give me. It makes me so happy and sad that you are growing up. Happy because you are such a smart, handsome, sweet, energetic and fun-loving little boy and sad because I want you to stay little forever. You definitely know how to push my buttons, when you don’t want to listen or try any new foods, but when you tell me you love me, it melts my heart like no other. I love watching you play and learn how to do new things. You get this little smile on your face that lets me know you are so happy and proud of yourself. It’s probably my favorite of all your facial expressions. I love how you are not afraid to make new friends and can strike up a conversation with anyone, a trait I wish I had and that you obviously got from your Daddy.

You LOVE school! When you started going to preschool at 2 years old I had just had your baby sister and could not take you on your first day so your Daddy took you and I was so nervous. I called your Dad as soon as I knew you had probably made it to school and he told me you ran into the classroom and didn’t even look back to say bye. You continued to do this the entire year and even everyday this year in your Pre-K 3 class. It makes me so happy that you love going to school and that you have a love for learning. You LOVED your teacher, Ms. Emily this year. You LOVE all your friends. You loved playing tag after school on the playground with your best buddies. You also loved to tackle each other, which I don’t think us Mom’s loved, but you were so happy! Everyday after school you would want to go to Chick-Fil-A or Jason’s Deli. Your teacher said that you burst into the room every morning, so excited and happy to see everyone. It’s as if you are saying, “Hello world, here I am!”  She could not be more accurate! You loved trying to sing the songs you would sing on Wednesdays when your class would go to Chapel. I didn’t always know what you were singing, but it was so cute. I can’t wait to see what you do next year in Pre-K 4! I hope your love of school and learning continue forever.

You are the BEST big brother. Brooke is so lucky to have you as her big brother. I was so nervous about how you would react when we brought Brooke home from the hospital. I remember walking in the house from the hospital and all I wanted to do was give you a big hug. When you came to the front door you look like you grew up over night and all I could do was fight back tears. You didn’t really pay any attention to her at first and then you slowly started to check her out. I know the first year it was a tough adjustment for you because Brooke required so much attention, but you always remained so sweet to her. You love giving her kisses on her head and giving her hugs at bed time. That is probably my favorite thing to watch you both do every night. Brooke watches everything you do and she wants to be just like you. It is amazing to watch her do things because she saw you do it. I love how you make her laugh and smile. You like to call her Brookie and sweet girl. You always make sure she is okay if she is crying. Some mornings you would climb into her crib and I would wake up hearing you talk to her over the monitor and it was just so cute. Sometimes it seems like you both talk to each other in another language and you both know exactly what the other person is saying. Sometimes (well, most of the time) she wants whatever you have and you never want to share, but you will give her something else in hopes that she will think it is cool and play with that. I can’t wait to see how you both interact over the years to come.

Your favorite toys are still cars and trains. Disney Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox Cars, dollar store cars, Chuggintons, Thomas the Train, and any other random car or train you LOVE. They were both your first favorite toys. I remember the first time we gave you a car you instinctively knew how to make a car sound. I know I never taught you how to do that because I only grew up with sisters.  I’ve always thought you would start liking something else, but you haven’t. You love to watch how the wheels turn and how the trains connect. You get down eye level to watch how the wheels stay on the tracks or how the cars shoots through your Hot Wheels track. It makes me think you will one day be an engineer. You definitely do not like to share your cars or trains. You like to try to make the longest train you can. You always love to drive them on my kitchen island. You always tell me to make a bridge with my arms if I am making something and am in your way. There are nights I leave long trains and several cars in lines on my counters. You always try to get me to buy you a car when we are at HEB. Your Daddy hates when I do, but sometimes the bribery works to get you to be a good boy while we are at the store. You love to watch Thomas The Train, Chuggingtons, Cars, Cars 2 and Planes. And of course anything on Disney Junior. You love to dance to the DJ Shuffle on Disney Junior and it is just the cutest thing. It always makes me smile.

This year you gave up naps. You will randomly take one here and there, but on the couch or in the car. Another sign you are growing up. Sad. You finally decided to go potty like a big boy. Happy. You refused to go #2 for what seemed like forever. And one day this past January you did it, and now we have a purple Beta fish named Lightening McQueen. You still will not try any new foods. You only like to eat cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, french fries, fruit pouches, cheese, yogurt and of course any salty snacks. This frustrates your Daddy and me to no end because we love food and know you would probably like anything.

I am so proud of you and I love you every second of everyday even if there are times it doesn’t seen like it (like on the days you don’t want to listen). You bring so much joy, laughter and love to our family. I thank God for giving you to me everyday. It is such a privilege to be your Mommy.  I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you. I hope you have an awesome 4th birthday!  Always remember, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always and as long as I am living my baby you’ll be.”  Hugs and Kisses!




Here are the answers to Jacks 20 Birthday Questions this year.

  1. How old are you? Four
  2. Who is your best friend? Cayden, Elliott, Colt and Tristan
  3. What is your favorite thing to do? Play with cars and trains
  4. What is your favorite color? Blue and green
  5. What is your favorite food? Cheese Quesadilla
  6. What do you like to do with your family? Go to HEB
  7. What is your favorite toy? Lightening McQueen car
  8. What do you want to be when you grow up? Shoot deer (OH MY!)
  9. What makes you happy? Snacks
  10. What makes you sad? Leaving Mimi’s house
  11. What is your favorite show to watch? Disney Junior
  12. What is your favorite book? How to Train a Train
  13. What is your favorite game? Racing cars at Chuck E. Cheese (???)
  14. Where do you like to go? Ms. Emily’s class
  15. Who was your teacher? Ms. Emily
  16. What is your favorite snack? Peanut butter crackers
  17. What do you like to take to bed with you? My 2 blue blankets
  18. If I could change my name, it’d be? Four (really?)
  19. What’s your favorite birthday present? New bike
  20. Whats your favorite movie? Racing Cars, which is Disney Cars



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