An Elf, a Shelf: Christmas Magic!


For those of you that don’t know, this Elf sits on a Shelf.

Somewhere in your home,
someplace new every morning,
and seemingly always watching…

For our family, it started with a book that magically appeared in the mailbox with no note or return address.

Of course it had to be read…

And so we learned the story of a very Special Elf

1. Who must be named (ours is “Robbie”)
2. Who must never be touched, or he will lose the magic
3. Who flies off every night and reports to Santa  all the Good Things little boys and girls do…
And the not-so-good things, too.

A bit of Christmas Magic appears every morning… When your Elf sits on a new shelf.

Parents, take heed…You may hear your children say,
“Mommie, if Robbie can’t see me, I can be bad, right?”
“Remember Daddy, the Elf is watching you, too.”
But mostly you’ll hear Joy
“Mommie!  Look! The Elf!”
And a bit of Christmas magic happens from the capricious shrieks of young children who discover where their Elf has decided to Shelf.


 As an educator and an administrator with the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District, Mara Lee Moats has been immersed in the classroom and currently serves as their Staff Development Supervisor. Being a mother to her 4 year old daughter Lennon has allowed Mara some in depth, hands-on experience and she loves every minute of her many roles.


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